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A Grandmother’s Love and a
                            Grandson’s Legacy

                            by Sue Jenson

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                            I saw you take your first breath and I watched you  Just a week or so after you passed away, hundreds
                            take your last. You were only 17 months old, Luke   of people attended a balloon release that was
                            when you died from cancer. I am grateful that I     organized in your honor. I was interviewed by
                            got to share this journey with you.                 a local paper and I told your story. Shortly after
                                                                                that, I also participated in a cold water plunge and
                            We were all gathered around you on the last day     again was interviewed by a local TV station.
                            just watching and waiting. I truly knew in my
                            heart that you weren’t going to be with us much     I have continued being a voice for you on a
                            longer. I was sitting next to your mommy who        Facebook page I manage. This allows me to share
                            was holding you when I saw you take your final      hope and to be there for others. I had an amazing
                            breath. I whispered in your ear and told you        opportunity to speak to a group of doctors,
                            that I would be your voice and tell others about    nurses, administrators and the President at the
                            pediatric cancer and that I would try to help       hospital that cared for you. I proudly participate
                            others in any way that I could.                     in your honor at their annual fundraiser for their
                                                                                pediatric ward.

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