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dusted and vacuumed and moved some things around…              I found your blanket today, tucked way down in the cedar

mostly just re-arranging things. I cleaned the blinds and      chest. I was looking for the afghan to put over the back of

polished the silver…just regular things-nothing special,       the rocking chair and there it was…waiting for me. So I

except I thought of you as I did them.                         hugged it and wrapped myself in it like you used to do. It

I told you about my Big Project and how far it seems to the was only for a moment, but I thought I heard you in the
                             ways to get it finished and that next room so I went to look. It  was  only the timer on the
end. I keep thinking of new                                                                         dryer downstairs. But,
just makes the whole           It wasn’t enough and it will never be                                for a moment, I thought
thing take longer…but          enough, but it was something and for                                 it was you.
of course, you know that
about me, don’t you?                                                                                I saw you today…in a
that, I am forever thankful…today,I watched you today.
tomorrow and always.Did you see me, too?

I watched a puppy

scamper across the yard, tugging its young owner. I watched

a brand new driver trying to fit into a parallel parking space

and I laughed, remembering.
                                                                                                         hundred places in the
                                                                                                         house, the yard, across
                                                                                                         the street, waiting in line
                                                                                                         at the bank and walking
                                                               just ahead of me at the grocery store. Why didn’t you turn
                                                               around? Didn’t you know I was there?

Do you remember things?                                        I sang to you today. I’m still not very good, but the

I saw an old lady and an even older man holding hands as       choirmaster says I am “enthusiastic”. Maybe it will be
they crossed the street and the look they shared reminded      my ticket of admission…enthusiasm should be worth
me of us. That secret sharing of something just between        something somewhere.

them…I missed you today. Do you miss me?                       I dreamed of you today and for just a little while, we were

I planned the menu for the family dinner today and I asked     one again. Hand in hand, arm in arm; head to head, heart
you what you wanted. Do you still like mashed potatoes         to heart, lives wrapped around and through each other, like
and butter, green bean casserole and cranberry relish? I       two peas in a pod, two puppies in a basket, two people in
baked two pies and saved some dough for you, so you could      love. I haven’t stopped loving you…have you stopped loving
pat it out and fill it with strawberry jam and then bake it,   me? I hope not.

making a little “patty pan pie” just for you. Do you still do  I’ll be ok. I am ok. It’s just that sometimes, I want you here,

that, sometimes?                                               right here with me, not just in my thoughts, my dreams, my

I counted the chairs and called a neighbor because I have to   prayers, my me. I want you here… . And then, you are. I
borrow 2 more. Or I guess two people could stand or maybe      only have to touch my heart to feel yours
they won’t come. I washed 3 loads of laundry and ironed the    beating. I only have to whisper your name to hear mine
                                                               spoken. I only have to count my blessings, count the
tablecloth and put the napkin rings out. I wished you were moments we had, to know I am rich beyond any man’s
here to help, like you used to. You always put the napkins in measure. We were and still are and that’s all I need. It wasn’t
the rings just so and made them look so special.
                                                               enough and it will never be enough, but it was something

I wore your sweater today. I hope you don’t mind. It turned and for that, I am forever thankful…today, tomorrow and

cool and the breeze turned into a wind and I had to take       always.

the wind chime in. The last bits of summer are gone now,       I sent you a kiss today…and you sent one back. Thanks…for
packed away until the next time around.                        the little while.

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