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Making Sure Loved Ones Who

Have Passed are Part of our Present

by Allison Gilbert

One of the most uplifting gifts I’ve ever heard of     and taking proactive steps to keep your child’s
giving someone in a time of loss is a wicker basket    memory alive has the power to make you happier.
full of daffodil bulbs. The idea is for the recipient  Individuals who honor their connections to the
to plant one bulb for every year their loved one       past, who allow loved ones to remain present in
lived. Daffodils are the perfect flower for such a     their lives, almost always fare better emotionally
commemorative project: as perennials, they’ll come     than those who don’t. Honoring past relationships
back spring after spring — and they’re virtually       has proven to have such significant restorative
indestructible. And, the best time of year to plant    power that noted grief expert, J. William Worden,
daffodils happens to be right now, as Thanksgiving     developed an entire bereavement-recovery
approaches.                                            theory about it. Worden coined the term “tasks
Planting daffodils can bring bereaved parents          of mourning.” This concept not only includes
enormous joy. Remembering promotes healing             remembering as a mandatory tenet, but also

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