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The late Darcie Sims wrote hundreds of articles over the years on grief and
loss which have been extremely popular and shared in hundreds of TCF
publications. We Need Not Walk Alone is proud to honor her by featuring
selections of her work in a column titled “The Wisdom of Darcie Sims.”

The Wisdom of Darcie Sims

I Sent You a Kiss Today                                            across the sky, sending shadows whisking over the lawn that
                                                                   I had just raked. I told you how pretty it looked as the leaves
I sent you a kiss today. Did you get it? I sent it by air mail. I  swirled gently in the breeze. Do you remember the times we
kissed my fingers and then opened them to the breeze and           lay together in the grass and just watched the clouds make
watched it go. I tucked in some hugs and well wishes, too.         shapes in the sky? I told you about my remembering that
Did you get them?                                                  today, too.

I thought of you today. Did you know that? Could you               I talked to you about how the sun sparkles on the water in
feel my arms around you? My thoughts caressing your                the pond and how the wind chime has the loveliest tones.
shoulders, my mind trying to reach yours.                          I wonder if you can hear them? I told you about my day,
                                                                   the mundane little things that kept me busy. I ironed and
I spoke to you today. Did you hear me? I spoke to you of
everyday things. I talked about how the clouds moved

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