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                              by Elizabeth Brady

                              I had a vivid dream shortly after Mack, our son, died. I
                              walked into our house through the front door and im-
                              mediately recognized that we had been robbed. I made
                              my way tentatively through each familiar room survey-
                              ing overturned furniture, shattered lamps; I noted the
                              computers were taken and the silver.

                              But, something inside assured me that they didn’t make
                              it upstairs.

                              On New Year’s Eve 2012, we cancelled our plans to meet
                              another family at the First Night celebrations because
                              Mack had what we thought was the flu and we were
                              looking forward to a quiet evening by the fire. We did
                              not know, and we will never know, what or how an infec-
                              tion entered the blood stream of our athletic, vibrant,
                              almost 9-year-old son and it stole his life in a matter of
                              hours. I had never heard of “sepsis” before Mack died
                              and did not know that it is a silent killer who arrives, like
                              a thief.

                              When I had this dream it seemed obvious to me that we
                              had been robbed of a beautiful person in our lives and
                              the joy of watching Mack grow and continue to achieve

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