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hurts in some way, causing muscle spasms or memories to hearing the waves wash across the sand. You might be
flood across your mind...                                      standing in a mountain meadow, surrounded with wild
                                                               flowers, the sounds of a gentle mountain stream calling you
Become aware of your breathing and try to orchestrate          to rest.
your breath. Bring air in through your nose, holding it
for a count of 1-2-3 and then let it escape past your lips.    Whatever picture comes to you as you spend a few
Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. moments in reflective breathing, enjoy it completely. Smell
Feel your breath and follow it as it flows through your        the smells of your favorite place. Taste the tastes, hear the
body. Breathe in through your nose, imagining the oxygen sounds of this magical moment. It is yours, deep within you,
flowing through every cell in your body, bringing its healing a place of safety and calmness.
energy to every corner of  your self. Exhale through your
lips, letting the used-                                        You can find this quiet within any  time you need to, just
up air rise all the way                                                                              by becoming aware of
up from your toes; and         Healing begins when feelings are                                      your breathing, always
send it out of your body,  recognized, acknowledged, and released.                                   breathing in through
letting it escape through                                                                            your nose and exhaling
your mouth.                                                                                          through your mouth.
                                                                                                     As you become more
You can even add sounds                                                                            experienced in this
to the breathing out, if                                                                           breathing technique,
you wish. Listen to your body and find the sounds that may you will find you can create any scene you wish, creating
be hiding somewhere within you. You can find those sounds any landscape you find comforting. You can create a
and let them go as you release your breath. Perhaps you        summertime place anywhere, any time. You just have to
find a groan or some anger that needs expressing. Perhaps breathe and imagine.
it is a song or laughter that bubbles up and out. Whatever
the sounds, let them come, as you allow your breath to be      •	 Breathe in peace. Exhale tension. Let it flow out of you,
released.                                                        imagining our summertime sun warming each part of
                                                                 your body.
You may find tears coming as you practice this breathing
technique. Let them come as well as any feelings that          •	 Breathe in joy. Exhale sadness. Blow out the grief, if
rise to your awareness. Healing begins when feelings are         only for a single moment. Feel your heart becoming
recognized, acknowledged, and released. As you continue to       lighter, your pain growing less.
breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth,
you might wish to close your eyes and let your mind begin      •	 Breathe in love. Exhale grief. Let the light of your loved
to drift. Grow quiet and find the rhythm of your body,           one’s life fill you with memories, not just of summer
breathing in a way that feels comfortable to you.                time, but of every time you laughed and sang and
                                                                 danced and dreamed and loved.

Perhaps you can imagine a warm light shining down on           Make the commitment to grow quiet within and listen to
the top of your head. It is just like sunlight dancing across  the music of yourself. Take one small footstep each day.
your forehead, warming your whole being. As you continue       Make one small change each day. It only takes a moment
breathing, imagine that sunlight moving down your body,        to find the magic within. So, here in the warmth of
drifting slowly across each part of your body. Imagine         summertime, find the peace that is deep within you and let
the sunlight caressing the back of your neck and your          it bring comfort to yourself and others. Be gentle in your
shoulders, easing away the tension that we often carry there.  despair and trust the wisdom within.

Imagine the sunlight flowing down your shoulders, your         Find a new wholeness for yourself this summer. Find the
elbows, across your chest. As the warmth of this summer        balance of heart and mind that allow the memories to heal
sun washes across your body, you can feel the tension          rather than hurt. Come out of hiding in the summertime
leaving. The cares of the winter drift down your legs and      and let the breath of summer begin to heal the hurts.
leave through your toes. You feel lighter, softer, calmer.     Breathe in love and find the memories and the magic of
As you begin to feel more at peace, let your imagination       those who have loved us. Love is the magic that heals us all.

create a “safe place” for you. Find a summertime memory
that brings feelings of warmth, safety, and pleasure to
you. You might find yourself on the beach, feeling, seeing,

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