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Grief had forged the exploration of my truth by unpacking for the upcoming frost. Nature’s simplicity perfects the
the useless baggage I had carried for far too long, creating landscape in this scene of discord, as the pine needles lazily
the space to encourage joy where pain once resided. Sharing blanket the lush tufts of green. Summers end is imminent
his kind heart became the inspiration I needed to allow
the radiance back into my life, and with each offering my    and I wrangle it as if to slow its pace by reminiscing the joys

                                                             I want to savor.
focus shifted towards
the future allowing                                                                                     This gentle nudge to
compassion to blossom                                                                                   embrace the quiet and
                                                                                                        welcome the softness
Finding grace in a place of peacewithin me.                                                             of dawn with abundant
helped me realign my thoughts,Scattering kindness                                                       anticipation became
                                                                                                        my place for peace, the
provided the compassion                                                                                 precipice for deserting
                                                                                                        negative stories
even after tragic loss.I was lacking, releasing              entangled with my spirit. Allowing myself this gentle start
                                                             illuminates the blank canvas before me, bringing hope to
the turmoil of acidity                                       the surface and meaning to the seasons ahead.
by sharing sprinklings
of joy. By stepping outside my grief and pursuing joy, I was
able to find forgiveness in all the calloused places of my
heart while gratitude enabled my spirit to soar.
                                                             Discovering this place of peace reminds me to slow down,
Falling from grace through grief and anguish allowed         capture the details in everyday and appreciate those around
me to view life from a different angle, transforming my      me. Life is fleeting, seasons change, and I strive to not get
motivation for change, manifesting a new perspective         lost in the mundane.
as compassion grew stronger and positive influences
generated this shift to joyfulness.
                                                             Finding grace in a place of peace helped me realign my

Celebrating his life instead of mourning his death provided  thoughts, even after tragic loss. Over time, I began with
the tipping point of true happiness. Stepping away from      small steps, doing the best I could and, eventually, my best
the ocean of grief that once branded my heart revealed the   inspired others who have traveled similar journeys.

undiscovered life still awaiting me.                         Inspire one another with your choices; there are so many

The sparrows sing their calling songs as I relax in a cozy   good ones to make.

Adirondack chair with my favorite blue mug of brew           While searching for a reason to go on after losing their five-year old son
absorbing the soft sounds of nature in the quiet of the day  Ryan, she discovered that giving back could actually save her. Tina Zarlenga
while cultivating peace with this soothing meditation.       is married with two children, sharing stories of inspiration and hope, as

With the whisperings of the seasons end, I notice the        well as her journey through grief with emotional essays of life on her website
squirrels as they urgently jump through the trees preparing  Unraveling My Heart the Write Way.

How I Found Hope ...                                                              © kichigin19/

People are always asking me why are we still attending meetings, and
my answer is always because it helps me survive. Recently I was asked
why do you attend “those meeting” and my answer was because it
keeps my boys alive....That’s what TCF does for me. 

                                 Jacquie Edwards-Mitchell, Manhattan, NY Chapter

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