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                                Eleven Thanksgivings After
                                by Carol Thompson

                                The Monday before Thanksgiving my emotions             her homecoming, hear the excited chatter of her
                                pulled a surprise attack.                              arriving friends or go for Mexican food the Friday
                                Cold sunny weather provided a Texas-perfect
                                backdrop for Thanksgiving week, with Monday            Sarah would be almost 35 now but I could not move
                                marking the first official day of preparation. Dinner  my years past her 24 years of life. She was now the
                                would be at my sister-in-law and brother’s this year.  way I had always thought of President Kennedy
                                I was thankful for the contributing duties of mashed   after 1963, frozen solidly in time. Forever Young.
                                potatoes, fresh green beans and cranberry relish.
                                Organization brings comfort; I was working on my       I encouraged myself. I am working to move
                                week’s list.                                           forward, reviving my interests, creating a “new
                                                                                       life.” I appreciate my loving friends and family and
                                Then my heart wandered back to The Thanksgivings       am grateful for the tremendous healing power of
                                Before, anticipating events that had once shaped our   a struggling faith. Writing through the days helps
                                family holiday, traditions that my mind logically      me to focus. I have learned who to trust with my
                                knew could never be. It seemed as if I had to teach    thoughts and when to lock up.
                                myself all over again. Sarah would not breeze in the
                                door home from college on Wednesday night. We          Thinking back before Sarah died, it is true that until
                                would not huddle up to watch Texas Tech football       I had experienced the loss of my own child, I was
                                and the Dallas Cowboys or attend worship services.     incapable of understanding the depths of such pain.
                                I would not make a big pot of potato soup for          I was sympathetic but not empathetic. This insight
                                                                                       allows me to forego or lower my expectations

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