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Heaven and Earth                                          I would try to make up for lost time,

by Christine Torricelli                                   Have more patience and listen more, really listen.

If I could be at two places at once,                      Two places at once is impossible,
I would be in heaven and down here on earth.
This way I would be with all my children,                 A fantasy that could only happen if I had gratifying dreams.
Instead of walking the earth feeling such sadness.
I would soar up to the skies,                             Sorrowfully my dreams don’t offer me contentment,
And hug my angel son and tell him how much I love him.
I would float down to earth,                              They present only anger, fear and complete darkness.
To guide my earth babies and tell them how much they
mean to me.                                               Funny how the endless moments of my days are filled with
Like a beautiful cloudless bird,                          these emotions,
I would spread my wings and glide between heaven and
earth.                                                    Which follows me when I close my eyes, a complete circle
Oh if only I could,                                       with no break.
I would be so happy, my heart would be so full.
I wouldn’t have to worry if my angel son needs me,        Peace never seems to come to me,
Or wonder if his soul is at rest.
I wouldn’t have to doubt if he loves me and forgives me,  Only grief and guilt are at my side like faithful followers.
For not being the mother he should have had.
                                                          Christine belongs to the Wake County Chapter in North Carolina. Her son,
                                                          Sean Patrick, died on January 12, 2016 at the young age of 17. Sean leaves
                                                          behind two younger brothers who miss him every day, a step-father and a
                                                          mother who no longer is afraid of dying and writes to keep her first born’s
                                                          memory alive. She writes to release all the pain and heartache that has no
                                                          where to go but on paper. She feels that if her writing can help a grieving
                                                          parent and let them know they are not alone, then she has a new purpose
                                                          in life.

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