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Ten-Year Anniversary is a Life Marker 

“The 10th anniversary of Helen’s death is coming up,” I told my husband. “I think we should do something significant—write a large check to the food bank or the public library.” John nodded his head in agreement. Helen died from…

My Worldwide Candle Lighting Experience

Lighting a candle is usually simple, but when I lit one in memory of my niece during the Worldwide Candle Lighting® this year, I found it to be very difficult. As I was getting ready for church, I received a…

Grief, Healing, and Time 

Today someone I loved died. I can’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it. Family comes. Friends come. The phone keeps ringing. The doorbell rings again and again. The ringing seems far away. I hear it but…

The Gift of the TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting

As the major holidays approached in the late autumn of 1995, I could feel my anxiety level and deep sadness intensify. Just months before, on my birthday, May 11th, my precious daughter…my Nina…a bright and vivacious 15-year-old with a promising…


The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. ~ Ernest Hemingway For years I cursed spring… During that time my heart woke to the bitterness of life. In the harsh frost of winter, my anguish…

TCF’s Transformation

I have been honored to serve as President of The Compassionate Friends’ National Board of Directors. After six years of service, I now leave this all-volunteer board confident in our leadership’s commitment to expand TCF’s outreach to grieving families nationwide. Every…

Giving Thanks

As fall settles in, we shift with the season and focus on the changing leaves, the crisp weather, and giving thanks. Some feel autumn is a sad time when plants shed their leaves and the landscape takes on a cold,…

Reflections From a First-Time TCF Conference Attendee 

Imagine a thousand people from around the world taking over the Costa Mesa Hilton: lighting candles, attending workshops, listening to speakers and music. Complete strangers crying, hugging, even laughing in every corner and elevator—it was a big lovefest, kind of…

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