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Accommodating Grief

Every day, I make accommodations for this grief. Every. Single. Day. Without exception. On a “good” day, that might look like excusing myself to the bathroom at work where I can cry in private, if only for a few minutes,…

A Level Playing Field of Loss

A long time ago a “friend” referred to me as a professional griever. From his perspective, I was lugubrious or “over the top” in the long-term expression of my grief. He had lost one son to SIDS, two years before…

National Conferences: Comfort Conferred  

My cherished and fiercely loved son Jordan died by suicide in April of 2009 at the age of 19. In the minutes, hours, days and weeks that followed, I struggled to figure out how to live with a heart that…

Searching For Joy

Darkness arrives without her knowing as she sits quietly mourning her thoughts. The shadows in the room fade into memories of the past, the place she often hesitates as she attempts again to push away the anguish in search of…

The Empty Chair: Seven Lessons Gained in Sibling Loss  

I never meant to become any sort of expert in sibling loss. That’s not a path anyone would willingly choose for themselves. Back in high school, I remember standing in the funeral home at my friend’s wake. After hugging his…

Suicide: How Do We Say It?

From the moment we learned of our daughter’s death, I knew that the word “suicide” had the power to erase her life while emblazoning her death in neon letters in the minds of her friends and colleagues. During the unremitting…

A Grammy’s Grief

As with most holidays, Grandparents’ Day can produce many different emotions for me as a bereaved grandmother. While I am so very thankful for the three grandchildren my husband and I have living on earth, leading up to Grandparents’ Day,…

Back to Square One

You might say I am an experienced griever. My brother, my only sibling, died more than 30 years ago. So, I know what to expect in the days, weeks, months and years after someone close dies. And yet, this year…

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