Summer Delight

Where is the child who skipped through the sprays of summer rain and laughed his way into my heart? Where is the boy who climbed my trees and spied on me from behind the leaves? Where is the child with the suntanned legs who ran Fourth-of-July races in green parks? Where is the sleepy child who wrapped his arms around my neck and said, “When I grow up, I gonna marry you, Mom?” He’s here.

He twines around our past, around my future, and takes me back home, and makes me young again as sure as summer comes. A suntanned spirit with an impish grin still whispers in my ear that stars are not stars at all but lightening bugs he’s captured in a jar. In his youth he’s my summer’s glow, the sunshine in my garden, my comfort on long, hot, summer nights of remembering.

Where is the child that once played among my summer flowers? He darts and runs away as I idly dream of yesterday, at once elusive yet so near. Oh, I’m sure he’s here. I’m sure I saw him just a minute ago. Or was it just a touch of summer madness that made me think I’d greeted him?

Oh, where is that child of summer gladness? His laughter slides down summer rainbows and captures me with unbound glee. His summer brownness runs barefoot on my heart. With sun-bleached hair, he smiles at me from photos from summers past, and as long as I LIVE you will be loved.

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  • I lost me son 2& 1/2 years ago, He left 2 sons, and I know it will be hard for them on Fathers day. He was a wonderful person, and will be missed by many, especially his mom , dad, brother and sisters. We think about him every day. Its so hard.

  • Truly touching and delightful. A wonderful way to remember. Thank you, Fay!

  • My son too. Then a mental illness took his mind. Why? Why? Why? And where is he now and is he like my child or like the one he became when I’ll?

  • What a beautiful way to honor your son’s memory! We live on though their memory is still so very strong! I can hear the way my son used to say certain things or the way he laughed! He was such a good young man! I miss him terribly but will be with him again one day soon!

  • What a lovely poem! Beautiful memories…I will always cherish my own, although as August rolls around this year, I will remember the loss of my only child some 14 years before, just a couple of days before my birthday. And then at his birthday in November, I will recall the loss of my husband just a couple of days later on Thanksgiving Day some nine years ago. Life is precious, memories are dear, and I find my strength in my faith and in helping others. I send my prayers to all of those who need a little extra strength some days just to make it through the difficult moments.

  • I lost my Beloved Son 4 years ago April
    29th. Spoke with him just hours before God called him home. I keep a little poem by his bottle of cologne, that I keep on my dresser it says, “ As long as I live, you will live. As long as I live you will be remembered. As long as I live you will be loved.” No need to say more.

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