Articles by Cathy Seehuetter

Finding Spring Again

We are nearing the end of what has often been a brutal winter. While gazing at the mountains of snow piled high in my front yard and the foot-long icicles hanging from my roof, it is hard to imagine that…

Those Difficult “Firsts”

I vividly remember New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1994… My 15-year-old daughter Nina loved any opportunity for a celebration. She invited a couple of her high school friends over, planned games, tried some new recipes, and bought her customary bottle…

A Ritual for Gatherings with Family or Friends

Invite your family and/or friends to do a mourning ritual with you. Gather around a table with a candle in the center After the candle is lit, everyone thinks about two things to share out loud with the rest The…

TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting – A Look Back Over the Years

As the major holidays approached in late autumn of 1995, I was filled with anxiety and deep sadness. In May of that year, my 15-year-old vivacious and beautiful daughter Nina was senselessly and tragically killed by an alcohol-impaired driver. With…

Finding a Little Peace on a Summer Night

While most others love summer for its daytime pleasures, such as beach time, golf, picnics and other family outings, personally, I like it at night… on my deck after most others have long gone to bed.  I gaze at the…

The Story of Hope – A Sign from Nina

Shortly after Nina died, I remember well-meaning friends talking to me about hope. My reply was usually, “What was there to have hope about?” The only thing I prayed and hoped for was that my daughter would come back again,…

The Gift of the TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting

As the major holidays approached in the late autumn of 1995, I could feel my anxiety level and deep sadness intensify. Just months before, on my birthday, May 11th, my precious daughter…my Nina…a bright and vivacious 15-year-old with a promising…

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