Articles by Cathy Seehuetter

The Gift of the TCF Worldwide Candle Lighting

As the major holidays approached in the late autumn of 1995, I could feel my anxiety level and deep sadness intensify. Just months before, on my birthday, May 11th, my precious daughter…my Nina…a bright and vivacious 15-year-old with a promising…

And For This I Give Thanks

I am acutely aware that autumn is here. As I write this, the air coming through my window is crisper and the leaves are taking on the golden and scarlet hues of the season. The shorts and tee shirts, which…

Thoughts On the Tragedy at Sandy Hook

By now, you are all sadly aware of the great tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Our hearts are heavy, and we are stunned by this cruel loss of the lives of not only adults but…

TCF Closed Facebook Pages

When it came to connecting to the Facebook world, I was a late bloomer. While Facebook was all the rage and others raved about how they found old friends, great new recipes, and shared photos with family from afar, I just…

Shining a Light

As the major holidays approached in late autumn of 1995, I was filled with anxiety and deep sadness. In May of that year, my 15-year-old vivacious and beautiful daughter Nina was senselessly and tragically killed by an alcohol-impaired driver. With a…

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