From the Ashes of Grief

In the early morning fog of a spring day

The sunlight drifts slowly across the lake

Lifting the dark shadows of night.

The honking geese frolic in the early

morning rays of sunshine

While the birds sing of promises yet to come.

Through the dark clouds of grief,

Slivers of sunlight filter down.

The pain and fear residing in my heart

Is starting to give way

To the hope of finding joy once again in my life.

The warmth of the sun flows through my body

And I now feel and see flickers of that joy.

It is but a fleeting moment in my thoughts.

But it fills me with the hope of perhaps

Finding peace once again.

The forever tears cleanse my heart and my pain.

They pave the way for love and laughter

once again in my life.

My heart will forever be empty from the

loss of my precious child.

But the sparkling sunlight spreads light

around that hole in my heart.

Gentle healing is beginning; springing anew

from the ashes of grief.

– Lana Golembeski, TCF/St. Paul, MN Chapter

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