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Lessons of a Big Sister

There was a game we played when we were little, my sister and I. It had a certain set of rules and unique characteristics. Our playing field was the living room, our teams were Kathryn vs. Karla, and our referee…

The Language of Sisters

I don’t expect it’s this way with all siblings, but Wendy and I could talk to each other about almost anything. We didn’t always agree; in fact, it was often the opposite, but we could communicate in that way I…

Sudden and Unexpected Loss: It’s Complicated

On December 14, 2001, my 25-year-old daughter, Melissa, suffered a cardiac arrest followed by a coma. She died fourteen days later. Her doctors concluded that the ultimate cause of her death was due to complications of an undiagnosed eating disorder….

I Love You More Than Chocolate Cake

Twenty-three years ago, on the day we buried our sons Kevin John and Kareem Anthony, my wife and I attended our first TCF meeting. I can still remember walking into that room that was divided into two groups; one group…

A Grandparent’s New Normal

I’ve always heard there are moments that divide your life into two times: before and after. The day JFK was shot. The day the Twin Towers fell. For me, that day was September 12, 2014. The day my granddaughter died….

A Ride That Changed Our Lives

My uncle’s car was sitting in our driveway when I came home from a night out, and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I walked up the driveway, and my uncle asked me to get in the car;…

My Forever Brother

When I was 20 years old, I was awakened in the middle of the night to the terrible news that my only brother, Scott, and my cousin, Matthew, had been killed together in a car accident. It seemed inconceivable that…

Do It For Brian

The quality of one’s life is not determined by length but by depth…what that person brought to this world while they were here. I can proudly say that in the 17 years that my son Brian was here on earth…

A Mistake or a Divine Plan?

I retired from a wonderful career as a speech and language pathologist after serving in the Albuquerque School District for over thirty years. I worked with children who had special needs and required speech and language therapy. I loved the…

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