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The Gate to Tomorrow

There is a gate that each of us has unknowingly passed through. This gate opens only one way……once we have passed through this gate we cannot return to the other side. Each of us stepped through the gate at a…

A New Beginning

I opened up my heart To the possibility That people understand What grief has done to me To find another person Who’s sharing this deep pain May change that sense of loss Might help us to explain Our grief brought…

Five Lessons Grief Teaches

Twenty-two years of grief changes a lot of things. I am a new person every day. I never expected to survive my daughter’s death. For months after, I prayed to die. More than once, I considered taking my own life,…

7 Things I Have Learned Since the Loss of My Child

Child loss is a loss like no other. One often misunderstood by many. If you love a bereaved parent or know someone who does, remember that even his or her “good” days are harder than you could ever imagine. Compassion…

Writing As a Way of Healing

Creative activities like drawing, painting, and listening to or performing music can help to reduce stress during difficult times. What you may not know is that writing can reduce anxiety and boost resilience, too. Writing your thoughts in a journal—for…

I Miss Her

I miss my girl today. I miss her smile, her voice, her touch. I miss brushing her hair. I miss the monotony of our morning routine. I miss helping her pee and dress and brush her teeth. I used to…

Carrying Old Memories into a New Year

Christmas has ended, and the living room still has that unwrapped look. With the festivities now part of future memories, I anticipate the next hurdle: the start of a new year. The TV commercials romanticize champagne toasts illuminated by glowing candles….

Seven Grief Strategies for the New Year

The old saying is true: “If there is an elephant in the room, introduce him.” No good purpose is served by denial, yet we are very good at it. And when it comes to facing the pain of our grief…

Those Difficult “Firsts”

I vividly remember New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1994… My 15-year-old daughter Nina loved any opportunity for a celebration. She invited a couple of her high school friends over, planned games, tried some new recipes, and bought her customary bottle…

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