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Eleven Thanksgivings After 

The Monday before Thanksgiving my emotions pulled a surprise attack. The cold sunny weather provided a Texas-perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving week, with Monday marking the first official day of preparation. Dinner would be at my sister-in-law and brother’s this year….


The time draws near And the calendar says Thanksgiving is really here. Time to reflect and time to gather Thoughts of what to be thankful of. Thankful? I think not. My life is not full these days And to be…

Thanksgiving Memory Is A Treasure

The last time I saw my son was on November 30, 2002. It was a warm, clear Saturday and he and his family had gathered with us at a friend’s home for a relaxing Saturday afternoon. Todd had arrived in…

November Again

November Again Leaves are turning the shades of autumn then falling, one by one, to the misted ground below. Summer flowers have faded and died. The sun hides behind dark and dreary clouds. It is November again. Was it so…

Musings on Halloween, Past and Present

As I type this, the nip in the October air is a reminder that the major holidays are just around the corner. Halloween paraphernalia has been in the stores since July with Christmas decorations right behind them. For those of…

Blissfully Ignorant

As my husband, LJ, and I sat parked in our car at one of my favorite locations to play Pokémon Go, I watched a young, smiling couple with their two children playing in the multicolored fallen leaves. I opened my…

Heart Connections – Grief and Loss in a Pandemic

As we move toward the end of September, it’s hard to believe that we have been experiencing life in a pandemic for over six months. Grief and loss are pervasive on multiple levels in our nation and in the world…

Five Lessons Grief Teaches

Bereaved parent, Maria Housden, author of the book, Hannah’s Gift, Lessons From a Life Fully Lived, has been a keynote speaker for past TCF national conferences.  She was also the opening keynote speaker for the 2020 TCF virtual conference and wrote the…

What Are the Odds?

It was 2004, and our oldest daughter, Jessica, had decided she would travel to England and hitchhike across the countryside. As parents, we objected to the idea. She was barely 18. We understood her intentions to go back to the…

A Season of Many Feelings: A Poem

Autumn is here once again As it comes every year. And with the leaves My falling tears. This time of year is the hardest of all My heart is still breaking, Once again it is fall. Memories once so vivid…

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