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There is Hope After Loss

My nineteen-year-old son, Nick, died by suicide when he jumped from a bridge just outside his college campus. His body was lost for almost five weeks. The week prior to its retrieval, I received a call from a coroner who…


On the beach, cool breezes blow across the water, but the sun’s rays feel warm upon my face. The ocean laps gently at the shore. I see one golden-haired lad with shovel and pail filling the moat around his carefully…

Father’s Day

Years have come and gone and time has surely drifted by. I’ve searched for any answer, yet I’m left to wonder why. The only thing I know for sure, through the happy and the sad. No matter what the circumstance,…

A Bear Hug for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, we are reminded of the significant contributions and unique love of fathers and stepfathers. Their defined role, after the death of their children, is to support their wives and surviving children. But their pain is deep….

Thoughts from a Gold Star Mom

If you have already endured the death of a child, spouse, parent or sibling while in service to our country, you probably already know what I am about to say.  If you are a warrior who lost one of your…

Grief Work is Hard Work

When I first began my journey of grief following the death my only child, Todd, I didn’t comprehend that I would have to take an active role in what would come to be defined as “grief work.” All I knew…

A Reason to Celebrate

The first Mother’s Day after Tom died was just a few months after he passed, and our loss was still fresh in the minds of our community. I awoke to a knock on the door, and when I opened it,…

Grieving During This Isolating Virus

I can say without reservation that the years spent grieving the loss of my daughter, daily missing her presence, created a loneliness harsher than anything I could ever have imagined. Now, throw in an isolating, disruptive virus floating through our…

Thoughts on Easter, Before and After

Well…here we are again; another day that for many is a major holiday. It feels like it really was not that long ago that we were bombarded with the November/December holiday army that decended on us!  Perhaps this is the…

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