Articles by Sara Zeigler

Hope, Comfort, and Light

As the holidays approach, we are reminded of the importance of caring for each other, especially this time of the year, when our pain of loss can seem the most unbearable. At The Compassionate Friends, we offer support and comfort…

How Crafting Has Helped You

In this video, hear from Kathy Rambo, organizer of TCF’s Crafty Corner, as she shares TCF has changed her life. She describes how the therapeutic benefits using her hands to create crafts has helped her after the loss of her…

How Exercise or Movement Has Helped You

When we come together as The Compassionate Friends, we find support, community, and common ground.                                             – Pamela Hagens,…

How Has Music Helped You Heal?

Nathan Peterson shares how music has helped him cope with his grief. and make a positive impact on the world. Hear Nathan share one of his beautifully written, heartfelt songs of comfort and why supporting The Compassionate Friends matters to…

International Day of Hope and Healing After Loss

Free International Day of Hope & Healing after Loss Conference March 14, 2022 In need of a dose of hope? Please join Open to Hope for our International Day of Hope and Healing after Loss with experts in the field…

A Sibling Shares

Your donation, no matter the size, will help to ensure that TCF continues to be available in your community for generations to come. Your support is greatly appreciated. Donate

A Grammy’s Grief

As with most holidays, Grandparents’ Day can produce many different emotions for me as a bereaved grandmother. While I am so very thankful for the three grandchildren my husband and I have living on earth, leading up to Grandparents’ Day,…

The Keepers of Memories

You make friends because you have things in common.  We are friends because of our children.  The older ones, the younger ones, the ones who never even had a chance to breathe. They are our reason for being.  Our heartbeat,…

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