Page 12 - 2016 Spring-Summer Issue
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Searching for Joy

                       A survivor’s story of moving on, attempting
                       to live again while anchored to the past

                       by Tina Zarlenga

© mimadeo/

                       Darkness arrives without her knowing as she sits    if this will dislodge the sadness, she recalls the tear
                       quietly mourning her thoughts. The shadows in       as it slid down his face, devastating her further.
                       the room fade into memories of the past, the place
                       she often hesitates as she attempts again to push   He died before her, in her arms as she cradled
                       away the anguish in search of the joy she desires.  him, saying goodbye while the shock clung to
                                                                           her breath. There were no words to console her;
                       Avoiding all awareness of the mirror, she rejects   his life was ending and all that swirled within her
                       the image before her, no longer recognizing         was an invitation to join him.
                       who she has become, as the tears come calling
                       again. Tired of stumbling regularly, she leans      There was no time to question our lives in search
                       into the hurt that betrayed her, longing for a      of a remedy. No time to call in a team of experts
                       breakthrough not cloaked in sadness.                for help. When loss occurs everything is stripped
                                                                           away. Nothing arrives, just in time, no remedy to
                       Fractured recollections are carved deep within,     fix him, no lifeline to save her, the life they once
                       cutting through the skin in a tattoo, scars         shared flutters into a memory, and time continues
                       engraved on your heart, casting a wound with        slipping away.
                       images engrained in her soul. Shaking her head, as
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