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The late Darcie Sims wrote hundreds of articles over the years on grief and
loss which have been extremely popular and shared in hundreds of TCF
publications. We Need Not Walk Alone is proud to honor her by featuring
selections of her work in a new column titled “The Wisdom of Darcie Sims.”

The Wisdom of Darcie Sims

 Somewhere It’s Spring

It’s spring in some places now. And in some places it will be  packed away (those holiday diehards!) and somewhere a
winter for another couple of weeks (months?). Somewhere        lawn mower is being readied for a new season.
the tulips are beginning to push through the soft earth and
somewhere the birds are returning to sing. Somewhere           As spring approaches, we begin to shed our overcoats and
the air is warmer, the breezes more gentle, the land begins    stand in front of the mirror… examining the body for the
to awaken from a frozen sleep. The trees are beginning to      extra lumps we’ve accumulated during the hibernation
bud and even the air smells fresh and clean. Somewhere         season. We lace up our jogging shoes and make our way
windows are open and the sound of the vacuum can be            to the sidewalks, high school tracks and to the gym, eager
heard, marking the beginning of spring cleaning… a ritual      to strip away the added inches that came because it was
given to us long before our forefathers set sail for a new     dark and gloomy and food seemed to soothe and comfort
world. Somewhere the last holiday decoration is being          during the dark days of winter. Somewhere someone
                                                               is planning a wedding, a graduation, a family reunion.

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