Every snowflake that falls is unique and has its
own individual design. There are beautiful
patterns in each snowflake and even the tiniest of
flakes have their own markings. These patterns
change again and again…even after the flake touches
the ground. Each snowflake is a cause for wonder;
each flake is one of a kind. No two are exactly alike.

Like the snowflake, our beautiful children were unique
and special; some we only dreamed about and
some danced upon the earth. They filled our lives
with wonder and transformed our world. We held them
too briefly, but we will hold them in our hearts forever.
We shall remember them always.

At this time of remembering, it may help to reflect upon how our lives have been enriched by the love we have given and the
love we have received from our children. Our children
leave treasures behind that time can never take away.

~Denise Falzon, TCF/Lake Area, MI

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