A Season of Many Feelings: A Poem

Autumn is here once again
As it comes every year.
And with the leaves
My falling tears.

This time of year
is the hardest of all
My heart is still breaking,
Once again it is fall.

Memories once so vivid
Are seeming to fade.
My time spent with you
Seems some other age.

This season reminds me
Of grief and of pain.
But yet teaches hope
And joy once again.

For trees are still living
Beneath their gray bark,
And you my sweet child
Are alive in my heart.

Cinda Schake
TCF, Butler, PA


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Comments (2)

  • My child left for heaven in October, 2 years ago. The fall was my and my daughter’s favorite season. Now it’s bittersweet. She left earth in fall, but she shed her addiction and lives forever in love and beauty now.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with all of us.

    God bless you!

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