Worldwide Candle Lighting Memorial Wall

In honor of our 25th Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting share a message to our memorial wall in memory of your child, grandchild, or sibling. Sharing to the memorial wall will be available until Friday 5:00 pm (CST), December 17th. The memorial wall will remain on our website until Summer of 2022.

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Worldwide Candle Memorial Wall Postings

In memory of my only son Eddie, my heart, my life. It’s been three months since you left us and it seems like a lifetime. If only I could see you one more time or hug you one more time or hear your voice or your laugh one more time even for one second I would give my life. You were the first one I loved and I was the first one you loved. I know you are with me and will be until the day I die and we’re together again. I love you my baby, sleep well. I love you forever. Mum
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Our nephew Nathan Longenecker was a gift to all who knew him. He was incredibly intelligent and talented but also humble, caring, kind and so personable. The grief we feel in losing him stings deeply. We grieve his absence in our family but we also grieve the many people who would have been blessed by his friendship and contribution to the world in years to come. We lament the loss of Nathan but we are thankful for each of the nineteen years that God blessed us with the gift of our precious Nathan. May Nathan's memory inspire us to be people of compassion and love.

Tom Eshleman - Akron, PA

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To Our Best Boy Randy Joseph Mousseau-Hunter December 19, 1990-September 7, 2006 Randy, we love you more than words can say, You’re in our thoughts everyday. We miss the smile on your face, And your warm, loving embrace. Memories of you are in our hearts, That’s all we have while we’re apart. Only 15 years we had with you, There was so much more we wanted to do. But God had a different plan, Why he took you from us, we’re trying hard to Understand. Our wonderful son, so precious and mild, Now you are Heaven’s very special child. We love you always and forever, XOXOXOXOXO Mom and Dan

Polly Hunter - Alpena, Michigan

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