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                                                                                                       Autumn | Winter 2016


 6 	 Coping with the Holidays by Bob Baugher, PhD
 8 	 Making Sure Loved Ones Who Have Passed are Part of our Present by Allison Gilbert
10	 A Special Loss by David Hines
12 	 A Grandmother’s Love and a Grandson’s Legacy by Sue Jenson
14	 The Evolution of Grieving by Nora Yood
16	 The Wisdom of Darcie Sims: I Sent You a Kiss Today
19	 Grief Groups: Eight Curative Factors by Gloria Horsley
22 	 Tidal Waves and Tsunamis by Susan Jerovsek
23	 I Will Cry With You by Pamela Hagens
24 	 Five Lessons Grief Teaches by Maria Housden
28 	 The Visit by Judith Sullivan	
29	 Healthy Grieving Feature: Safety Issues in Grief by Coralease Ruff, PhD, RN
32	 2016 National Conference
36 	 In Loving Memory: Ken Seibert, The Button Man by Cathy Seehuetter


 4 	 A Message from the Executive Director

 5	 A Message from the Chief Operating Officer

26	 Dear Dr. Heidi
39	 An Update from the Director of Chapter Services
40	 TCF Patron Donations
42	 TCF Board of Directors and Staff

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