Page 23 - 2016 Autumn-Winter Issue
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I Will Cry With You                                                                                                                                            © Andriy Solovyov/

by Pamela Hagens

I will listen closely
hold your hand or just sit with you
as long as it brings comfort
I will be near
I will be silent

I will silently pray for you
I will quietly listen as you share your unspoken thoughts
I will not fill the space with questions, words of wisdom,
well intentioned resolutions, or small conversations
there are no words for missing
the heart kisses the thoughts
and dare to remember happier moments
in time, tender memories will
guide us through difficult seasons-occasions
in time, tender memories will
be flowers a bloom in spring,
a summer sun set at dusk,
the crisp leaves of fall,
the first snow of winter,
But for now, I WILL CRY WITH YOU.

I will not tell you how to feel, how to be
I will not tell you stories of others who have lost
I will honor your moment
I will honor your loss
Please share your tears with me
I will not hush them away, turn away, emotionally walk away
I will be near
I will hear your heart
I will hear your unspoken words
I will not offer answers, but I will offer love
I will help you
I will hope for tender moments,
But for now-I WILL CRY WITH YOU.

Pamela and her husband, Christopher of 26 years, live in Tennessee. On July 5, 2013, their eldest son (19) transitioned in a sudden, tragic accident. Two
months after their son’s passing, Pamela attended her first TCF Chapter meeting in Nashville. Pamela has been very active in the local Chapter; participating
in book share panels, national conference review panels, poetry readings at Candle Lightening Memorials, numerous newsletter entries, as well as reaching out
to newly bereaved, and sharing encouragement to bereaved families through her writings titled “Reflections.” Christopher and Pamela have two other sons and
one granddaughter. Pamela is a running enthusiast,group fitness instructor, avid reader and writer.

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