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Hope = The Compassionate Friends

by Marie Levine                                        Sudden, unexpected deaths - walking, running,
Olivia was born still - an umbilical cord too tightly  skiing, skating, driving, flying, burning, drinking,
wound.                                                 drugging, falling, swimming, shooting, stabbing,
Lucas was two days old when he died from               hanging, jumping; heart attacks, brain tumors,
complications.                                         seizures, aneurisms, strokes, organ failures - so
Greta was only two years old when she was killed       many ways to die.
by falling debris.                                     No matter the age, no matter the reason - they all
Max was seven when he died from a brain tumor -        were children - leaving their parents and siblings
Jasmina was only six.                                  here to grieve their too early, unexpected deaths.
Jaden was ten when an asthma attack proved fatal -     Every day children die. While the world turns for
Donald was 16 when he suffered a similar fate.         most, for so many parents the world suddenly
Kareem was 15 when he drowned along with his           stops. Losing a child sets survivors on a totally
brother Kevin; Peter was 22 when his friend lost       unanticipated life path.
control of the car he was driving him home in;         This grief is different. There is so much to deal with
Charlie was 23 when his prescription didn’t work       even while disbelief is the prism through which
with his social life; Mark and Karen were on their     everything else must now be seen. In a numb
honeymoon when their bus ran off a mountain in         state of initial shock, we go through the motions
Nepal; Kelli was 39 when she succumbed to ovarian      necessary to shutting down a life only partially
cancer; Jimmy was 36 when a heart attack took          lived. At last, able to focus on our grief, we discover
him, and his brother Charlie followed a year later     it is not like any grief we have ever experienced,
when cancer chose him. Eleanor was 41, Philip was      learned about or lived through with anyone we’ve
45, Andrew was 47, and Harvey was 59.                  ever known. We try in vain to understand this

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