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                                                                                                       Spring | Summer 2017


 6 	 National Conferences: Comforts Conferred by Peggi Johnson
 8 	 Hope = The Compassionate Friends by Marie Levine
10	 Ten-Year Anniversary is a Life Marker by Harriet Hodgson
12 	 The Perfect Last Conversation by Lisa Graves
13	 “I Love You More Than Chocolate Cake” by John Mitchell
14	 Do It For Brian by Lisa Heath
16	 The Wisdom of Darcie Sims: A Breath of Summer – Anytime
18	 How Many Children Do You Have? by Kelly Kittel
20 	 In-laws: They Just Don’t Understand by Gloria Horsley
22	 The Downstairs Thief by Elizabeth Brady
24 	 That One Person Who Doesn’t Rationalize or Deny Our Grief by Bob Baugher, PhD
28 	 Sibling Chivalry in Grief by Mitch Carmody	
30	 2016 Worldwide Candle Lighting


 4 	 A Message from the Executive Director
28	 Dear Dr. Heidi
32	 An Update from the Director of Chapter Services
34	 TCF Patron Donations
46	 TCF Board of Directors and Staff

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