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                          Support Groups Assisting Your

                          Healing Process

                          by Elizabeth Horwin                                   that healing is a process, we begin to understand
                                                                                that this journey of loss and healing is part of the
                          It was November 13, 1988 when I experienced the       human experience on planet Earth. It is impossible
                          most horrific, unthinkable and unimaginable event     to live our life without loss, pain and suffering. I
                          that changed my life forever. My son Michael, at      wish it could be otherwise, but it just is not.
                          age 16, died violently in an automobile accident.
                          I’m sharing this with you because being a bereaved    If we are to heal from our losses, two distinct
                          parent for 27 years and working as a licensed         processes must occur. The first is the mourning
                          counselor, I have been in a position to assist        process, grieving through the stages of loss which
                          individuals and families with their healing process.  include: shock and denial, bargaining, withdrawal,
                          There are many ways to heal from our losses and       depression, guilt, anger and finally acceptance.
                          this article is about what I know to be one of the    The mourning process is a feeling process. A
                          most positive ways we can help ourselves live and     willingness to feel and live through these emotions
                          move through our healing process.                     is how we begin. The second process is action.
                                                                                How and what do we do to survive and go on with
                          How do we heal from losses? After the shock and       our life? Though these are two distinct processes
                          denial of what just happened, there are very clear    (feeling and action) depending on the individual
                          ways that we have learned through the work and        and the significance of the loss, they can dovetail
                          research of leaders in the field, such as Elizabeth   and occur simultaneously. The intensity of the
                          Kubler Ross, on how to understand the process
                          of grieving and healing. Once we understand

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