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                                                                                                       Spring | Summer 2016


 6 	 Support Groups Assisting Your Healing Process by Elizabeth Horwin
 8 	 Stigmatized Loss by Sara Tagget
10	 What Does Your Story Look Like?
12 	 Searching for Joy by Tina Zarlenga
14	 	Fighting for Our Cause by Barry Kluger and Kelly Farley
16	 The Wisdom of Darcie Sims: Somewhere It’s Spring
19 	 LOVE by Pamela Hagen
20 	 In Loving Memory: Joe Lawley by Cathy Seehuetter
22 	 Death of a Child Creates Ambiguous Losses by Harriet Hodgson
26	 The Language of Sisters by Karen Soltero	
29	 Healthy Grieving Feature by Coralease Ruff
34	 A Grandparent’s New Normal by Jessi Winkler
36	 2015 Worldwide Candle Lighting


 4 	 A Message from the Executive Director

5	 A Message from the Chief Operating Officer

25	 Dear Dr. Gloria
28	 Dear Dr. Heidi
38	 News from the National Office
40 	 TCF Patron Donations
50	 TCF Board of Directors and Staff

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