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The Compassionate Friends Closed Facebook Groups

                        The Compassionate Friends offers a variety of closed Facebook Groups. These pages are moderated by bereaved parents,
                        siblings, or grandparents, and may not be accessed unless a request to join is approved by a moderator. These pages were
                        established to encourage connection and sharing among parents, grandparents, and siblings grieving the death of a child,
                        grandchild or sibling.

                        TCF – Loss of a Child                                    TCF - Loss to Homicide
                        Moderators: Donna Goodrich, Dave Roberts, Cathy          Moderators: Debbie Floyd, Dawn Wassel and Kathleen
                        Seehuetter, and Goody Tendall                            Willoughby

                        TCF – Loss of a Stepchild                                TCF – Loss of a Child with Special Needs
                        Moderators: Babe Muro and Cathy Seehuetter               Moderators: Colleen Hines and Donna Reagan

                        TCF – Loss of a Grandchild                               TCF – Loss to Long-term Illness
                        Moderators: Betty Jeanne Farrel and Jennifer “Sue” Hale  Moderators: Debbie Gossen

                        The Compassionate Friends Sounds of the Siblings         TCF – Loss to Mental Illness
                        (for bereaved siblings)                                  Moderators: Sherry Cox and Annette Swestyn
                        Moderators: Tracy Milne and Keith Singer       
                                                                                 TCF – Loss to a Drunk/Impaired Driver
                        TCF – Men in Grief                                       Moderators: Michelle Arrowood, Robin Landry and Rebecca
                        Moderators: Gary Odle and Mark Rambis                    Perkins

                        TCF – Loss to Miscarriage or Stillbirth                  TCF – Loss to Cancer
                        Moderators: Libby Hall and Kelly Kittel                  Moderators: Kari Olson, Michelle Setzer and Rita Studzinski

                        TCF - Infant and Toddler Loss                            TCF – Loss of Your Only Child/All Your Children
                        Moderators: Tiffany Barraso and Deanna Wheeler           Moderators: Joannie Kemling, Tonja Knobel and Becky Barch

                        TCF - Loss to Substance Related Causes                   TCF – Crafty Corner
                        Moderators: Barbara Allen, Mary Lemley, Diana Wittkopp   Moderators: Gail Lafferty and Kathy Rambo
                        and Karen Zaorski                              
                                                                                 The Compassionate Friends Chapter Leadership
                        TCF - Sibling Loss to Substance Related Causes           (for anyone currently serving on a Chapter steering
                        Moderators: Andrea Keller and Barbara Allen              committee)
                      Moderator: Debbie Rambis
                        TCF - Loss to Suicide
© lola1960/  Moderators: Donna Adams, Leanna Leyes, Donna McGrew
                        Anderson and Barbara Reboratti

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