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We Need Not Walk Alone

It is our mantra and what we live by. It is what has saved many of us, knowing someone has managed to survive the tragedy
of a child dying at any age from any cause.
The Compassionate Friends is a great organization made up of great parents, grandparents, and siblings helping each other.
Our lives are forever marked by before our loved one’s death and after our loved one’s death. Many devote time and energy
to ensure TCF will be there forever and always. They pour their love for their family member mixed with their personal
expertise into our organization to make it thrive. Often, they do this for years and years and years. You will see them at
conferences, hear them on conference calls, and see their footprints on our policies, procedures, and guiding principles.
One individual that has done this is Phil Horsley. Phil’s only son, Scott 17, lost his life in an automobile accident. Phil later
was invited to attend a TCF chapter meeting. When having lunch with Dave Pellegrin who was visiting the area, he learned
a national conference would be held in Salt Lake City, UT. After going to the conference, he became a member of the TCF
Foundation followed by leading the foundation’s board of trustees as president. He served on the Foundation for over 13
years, much of that time as president.
The TCF Foundation was created in 2000 to ensure TCF would always be available for families following the death of a
child. Currently serving are Rick Yotti (President), Kitty Edler (Secretary), Mark Gedlinske (Treasurer), Karen Snepp, Steve
Schmeisser, and Dale Dullabaun Sr. (just recently retired from the Foundation).
In Phil’s words, “It’s time for me to move aside and make room for others. It has been an honor serving on the Foundation
for these many years. Thanks to TCF for the opportunity to serve.”
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