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 5 	 We Need Not Walk Alone
 6 	 The Gifts of Grief by Donna Goodrich
 8 	 Sudden and Unexpected Loss: It’s Complicated by Judith Sullivan
10	 The Wisdom of Darcie Sims: Handling the Holidays
12 	 The Unique Aspects of Sibling Grief by Allie Sims Franklin
14	 Eleven Thanksgivings After by Carol Thompson
16	 Minivan Moments by Peggi Johnson
18	 Finding Grace in an Ocean of Sadness by Tina Zarlenga
20	 Stuck Places: Is Secondary Gain Snagging You? by Barbara Allen
20 	 Does Grief Really Go Away? by Bob Baugher, Ph.D.
24	 Heaven and Earth by Christine Torricelli
26 	 Now I Run Alone by Jack Mackey
28 	 40th National Conference 	
30	 18th Annual Walk to Remember


 4 	 A Message from the Executive Director
32	 An Update from the Director of Chapter Services
34	 TCF Patron Donations
38	 TCF Board of Directors and Staff

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