Worldwide Candle Lighting Memorial Wall

In honor of our 21st Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting share a message to our memorial wall in memory of your child, grandchild, or sibling. Sharing to the memorial wall will be available until Wednesday 5:00 pm (CST), December 13th. The memorial wall will remain on our website until Summer of 2018.

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Worldwide Candle Memorial Wall Postings

Van: How I miss you my son!!! I can't believe it's been a year today that we realized you had left us on Sunday, December 18. I pray you are in a better place and that you are with God and our family there to take care of you. I dreamed about you a couple of days ago and I was going to go looking for you, but a knock came on the door and it was you!! You were smiling and we were laughing and embracing and I was so happy to see you. I wish we'd had more time to make things better--that you would have been healed and we could have done things together. Someday we'll be together again. And, I'll be glad to see you just as I was in my dream. God Bless You, My son.
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+Brendan Adam Clifford Rivera -DeSena 1990-2012 +Just 21 NOw Forever.. Keep Us Sane as we can. So Need One of your Huge Hugs Hope we hear from her and them soon. All these babies keep coming T many of the gang getting MArried Jobs Houses. All You could be doing and have had too its heart breaking. Yet you and Chris have two namesakes I can never stop thanking and praying for these beautiful boys and their Dads your best buf=ds and beautfil Moms too. Hope we can meet them soon. I know you are taking care of the DOgs Cats Birds and critters Up there like you did here at the Animal Hosptal and Flying and Skating and MUSIC Never enough Music any kind and Dancing. Can you DJ there now too? Ok Crazy God Bless See you soon.. Miss You FOR ALL OUR KIDS RiIPPED from Life WE REMEMBER YOU! Thanks for Fellow Moms/Dads WHo help us CArry on and Remember As ONLY WE Can. XOXO TCF COPE ALIVE ALONE BPUSA Old Good Sam group XOXO
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+Brendan Adam Clifford -Rivera -DeSena Sept 1990-Aug2012+ Our Only Child Beloved Son. Your BRo OF HEart+Christopher Anthony Guezze Feb1990-Feb2011 Today they gather and I am home alone w Jolee and Ceilc Bird. But Lighting with ALl PArents in SPirit and heart!) tonight Lighting My candles for+ you Christopher G,Dad AdamR,GarryP,Kim Keny GaryH,Petey GeorgieB,Phillip,ClarrissaG BrianPSean ChrisH,JimmyC LynneD LoriA and all OurKids+. Sadness and anger overwhelms me at your BEtrayal LACK of Justice and Unimaginable End in thi sLIfe. I know you are with Family and OUr LOrd ONLY Comfort. will they take the time or will they Be "botherd / uncompfotable " at mention or to even do it during the Gathering Dinner. We are supposed to Be OVER IT MOVE ON>>>NEVER WILL BE!. I so wished to be at The LI Dinner and send my Love to all. Pray Daddy j is ok with the ride and all. So Myuchpain he is in body and soul traveling with them to their house long trip today. My pain health issues keep me honme and rather be with al here. Love to Mamas Shirlene In TX Lydia in FL MArie In Copaige Electra WB and all Us PArents Left BEhind to CArry on best we can. MISS LOVE YOU FOREVER BOYS! Hugs and KISSEs PRAYERS Ma Daddy JOle AUssie Cecil Budgie give Kiss to Our+DarlaMarla BelovedCorgiHeeler Miss ya MAmacita+
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+Brendan Adam+Adam+GarryKimChristopherDarla+My Beloveds+ I just heard this Beautiful Song Always Makes me cry. As La Reina CeliaCruz Sang Te Busco..Al Cielo Una Mirada Larga( I GAze Long Into the Heavens), Buscando un Poco De MiVida (Looking for a Litle bit of my Life), Mis Estrellas no Responden(but My Stars they don't respond/reply) PAra ALumbrarme HAcia tu Risa ( To Brigtten meLike your LAughter ).. Olas que esfumen mis Ojos( Waves that Blur/burn My Eyes) A Una LEgion De Tus Recuerdo ( A Legion of your Memeories) Me Roban Formas de Tu Rostro (Rob me of the Shape of Your Face) . Dejando Arenas en El silencio(Only Leaving Sands In Silence) Te Busco (I Search for you)Perdido Entre Suenos( sadly Lost in Dreams), EL Ruido De la gente ME envuelven en In velo(The Noise pf the People wraps me in a Veil/fog). Te Busco Volando El Cielo ( I Search for You Flying In the Heavens/sky) El Viento Te ha LLevando Como In PAnuelo Viejo(The Winds have Whisked you Away just Like An Old HAndkerchief), Y No Hago que rebuscar paisajes Conocidos,( Ido Nothing But Look for You in Familiar Places) En Lugares Tan Extranos(In Places Strange/Unknown) Que No Puede VAr Contigo( I can't See with you) EN Qualquier Huella Te PErsigo(In every footstep I pursue You),Voy Tras de Ti . EN In SOmbra te Debujo,(in Shadows I Draw/paint You)Al recorder.(By Remembering). Huellas Y Sombras (In Footprints &Shadows) QUe Se Pierdan ( I get Lost)En LA soledad(In the Lonliness). La Suerte No Vin Conmigo (Luck is not With me) Y Te Busco.( Yet I Search for You..) Te Amo Abrazos y Besitos. Descansan Con Dios Hope ya learnin some Spanish kid :) XMommy JOXo
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