Worldwide Candle Lighting Memorial Wall

In honor of our 23rd Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting share a message to our memorial wall in memory of your child, grandchild, or sibling. Sharing to the memorial wall will be available until Friday 5:00 pm (CST), December 13th. The memorial wall will remain on our website until Summer of 2020.

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Worldwide Candle Memorial Wall Postings

On May 28, 2018, we lost our son Joseph Anthony Suarez, he was 27. He was our only son and only big brother to our two daughters, Allie & Juliana. Joe's journey in life was far more purposeful than he could have ever recognized.  He gave a new meaning to the phrase "living in the moment” and he made a difference in the world and every life he touched.  His smile was contagious, it was a beaming light that illuminated his presence in every way. Joe’s best friend gave his eulogy and these words describe him perfectly; “Today as we celebrate and remember Joe’s life and the man he was, and if we all remember one thing about Joseph ..let it be his intense love for life. Keep his memory alive by living as Joseph lived. Be present in the moment, love others unconditionally, spread joy and forgive easily.” We love you Joe and we miss you very much. Our lives changed when you left this world, but you will never be forgotten Son. We will always be a team!
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I light this candle in memory of my beautiful daughter, Olivia Corinne Hoff. Olivia, it has been 15 years since I've held you in my arms. I miss you so much and wish you were with me. Life has changed in so many ways. I didn't think it was possible to keep on living without you. I thank God for giving me the strength to live on. However, my life is no longer the same and my Heart is forever broken. A couple of days ago you came to me in a Dream. It was so real as we talked to each other and I could see your beautiful face so clearly. I never want to wake up because I know when I do, you will not be here. My sweet girl, I look forward to the day when we see each other again, hug tightly and we will never be separated ever again. Until that day, I look forward to having you visit me in my Dreams. I love you my Olivia and miss you with all of my Heart and Soul. Fly High with the Angels, my Olivia. In memory of Olivia Corinne Hoff June 27, 1989 - April 22, 2004
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Tonight we lit our candles in memory of our only son, Sean Joseph Aycock who has been gone for over twenty years now and having him for twenty-nine years was not enough. We also lit our candles in memory of James Robert Landry, the young man who was to be our son-in-law and who was taken from us just over three years ago at age twenty-nine. Only those of us who have lost children can possibly know what it means to miss them every moment of every single day. Our hearts will always ache for wanting them back here with us. No parent should ever have to have this experience. In loving memory of Sean Joseph Aycock and James Robert Landry, both Forever 29, Forever loved, Forever missed and in our hearts..FOREVER.

Sharon Aycock - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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