Worldwide Candle Lighting Memorial Wall

In honor of our 21st Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting share a message to our memorial wall in memory of your child, grandchild, or sibling. Sharing to the memorial wall will be available until Wednesday 5:00 pm (CST), December 13th. The memorial wall will remain on our website until Summer of 2018.

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Worldwide Candle Memorial Wall Postings

Merry Christmas Alisa! Although it has been 14-years since we last shared Christmas with you, the memory or those wonderful Christmas holidays we celebrated with you are still as vivid as ever. We miss your great smile and the love you had for the Christmas season with all the fun family events which you made so special. My one wish each Christmas holiday is that you could be back with us sharing the love and joy you brought to our family. How great it would be if you could be here to hug your beautiful mom and sister and how happy it would make us all if only it were possible. I will remember always the brief time you spent with us and will always keep you close to my heart. I love you! Chris

Chris Courtney - Burbank, CA

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My Aunt, Donna Tintle passed away suddenly on February 5, 2016 of a pulmonary embolism. The embolism was following surgery to her foot to input a plate and screws after slipping on black ice in her driveway. She was always a giving person and never took the blessings from the Lord, for granted. It was her wish that if anything were to happen and if she was unable to live a functional life and had no brain function, she wanted all assisting devices removed. Her other wish was to donate anything that could be donated. She was having consistant seizures for over 15 hours at that point and the drs told us her prain funcation was gone and she could not breath on her own. We knew it was time. She was eligible for and tissue donation which allowed for us to be with her until the end. After our family sang her favorite songs and read her favorite bible verses, she took her final breath. Then she went on saving lives.

Lauren Shepard - Butler, NJ

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