Wall of Hope

In Memory of Katrina

My hope is that soon there will be no more gun violence or domestic abuse. My daughter, Katrina was murdered by her x-boyfriend 8 weeks before college graduation. Forever 22.

Katrina’s Mom
Tammy Seaburn

In Memory of Anthony Figueroa

My hope is that that no one has to go through what I went through losing my brother from murder. Anthony was 29 when he was taken from us. It forever changed me. There’s not a day that goes by that I do not think of him. I miss so much.

Anthony’s Sister
Victoria Jorgensen

In Memory of Shelisha “Cece” Raynelle Manca

My hope is that what my daughter believed is true…there is something after this life. I hope she was met by her father, grandfather, and other loved ones that preceded her in death. My beloved, beautiful girl, died in her sleep on 30 December 2018 and my life is forever changed. Shelisha was 45, she married the love of her life (pictured) in February 2018, but she did not live to celebrate her first wedding anniversary. She was such a beautiful soul..she was kind, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, an excellent writer, and extremely artistic. I will miss our deep conversations and her sharp wit–the world became much dimmer when her light was extinguished. These have been the darkest days I have ever experienced–I hope to see her light again. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU, My Darling Shish.

In Memory of Gage Eup

My hope is that Gage’s loving caring heart and laughter will continue to touch and inspire.

Gage’s Mom
Nicole Eup

In Memory of Jason JBIRD Adkins

In loving memory of my son, Jason JBird Adkins, who left this life too soon, February 12, 2017. Even though he departed this earthly life he is alive in Heaven. God has given me the promise that I will see him again and spend all eternity with him. This is what gives me the hope and strength to live everyday. Because I know Jason is safe in the living arms of Jesus, I can endure the sadness, pain, loneliness and grief I feel every moment since he left. I am thankful for the 38 years I was blessed with. He left me with a heart full of love and memories.

In Memory of Danielle Thomas

My hope is that if someone is suffering from Domestic Violence, DO NOT suffer in silence, TELL SOMEONE! How I wish Danielle had told me she was suffering from Domestic Violence!

Danielle’s Mom
Jamie Bright

In Memory of Ashley Younger

My hope is that strength and peace that passes all understanding! May we reflect on wonderful memories to sustain us.

Ashley’s Mom
Stephanie Younger

In Memory of Cannon Willard

My hope is that Cannon will always be remembered as someone who touched many lives with his contagious smile and full of life self. We love and miss you always.

In Memory of Jeff Ryan Pearlstein

My hope is that one day , Jeff, I can smile as I remember the love we share. Right now I can only cry. Cry that I can ‘t hug you, talk to you, and see you. Cry that you are not coming back.
Love you always and forever,
Jeff’s Mom

In Memory of Madeline Grace Moore

May all families find peace and love.

Madeline’s Grandmother
Ann Moore

In Memory of Nicole Elizabeth Kerr

My hope is that my daughter, Nicole/Niki will always be remembered. She was born 8 weeks early, so we had extra time with her before she died a the age of 18. Her father has just died in September and they are together. Love you Niki.

Niki’s Mom
Linda Kotalik

In Memory of Chad Chandler

My hope is that my son’s light will continue to shine and he will not be forgotten. RIP Chad Chandler 1988-2016.

Chad’s Mom
Peggy Dye

In Memory of Joseph Anthony Peloso IV

My hope is that Joseph is at peace and can feel the love that we will continue to carry for him. We loved Joseph in life and continue to love him forevermore.

Michele Peloso
Joseph’s mom

In Memory of DeAndre Reese

My hope is that no one has to goes through the pain that I go through everyday for the loss of my son. My son DeAndre passed 2 years ago at the age of 23 from natural causes. Till this day I constantly cry from missing him so much and still have many of sleepless nights. My life has forever changed, nothing will ever be the same and I will never be that person I once was before my Dre left me. DeAndre was fun-loving, kind, motivated, focused and intelligent young man. He so loved being with his family and friends. DeAndre graduated from Devry University with his Bachelors of Health Science in Technical Management. He was so good with his hands. Three weeks after Dre graduated from college he was called home to be with our Heavenly Father.

Mommy miss you so much my teddy bear.

In Memory of Elizabeth Diaz Espada

My beloved daughter Elizabeth you are forever in our hearts…I know you are not suffering any longer and that gives me some peace of mind. You are truly missed especially by your precious jewels Josiah and Julius. We love you with an everlasting. Love, mom

In Memory of Jessica Maria Boushie

My hope is that you may rest in peace and be free from your addiction, an addiction that caused you so much pain and has now taken you from us. But I know you’re now with Larry, whom you missed so much. My heart will forever hold your special place and love until we meet again. We love you always and forever, Mom , Dad, Justin, Jeremy, Steve, Nick & Zack

In Memory of Christopher Davis Kimbrough

My hope is that the lives Chris touched will “pay it forward” for the way he cared about others, so much so that he lost his life trying to protect others. He was beside his stalled truck on 4-lane south bound I-24 at Smyrna, TN, waiving traffic around him so others would not wreck their vehicles. It was a well lit night and many passed by. But one vehicle driven by an elderly man struck Chris severing one leg and maiming the other. He died within an hour of massive loss of blood. He was to be married within two weeks & had permanent legal custody of her two grandchildren ages 4 & 8. Everyone who ever met him said like it felt like they had known him forever. He did so much for others and had a tender, compassionate loving heart. He would give you the shirt off his back. Miss him!

Christopher’s Mom
Debbie Kimbrough

In Memory of Kenny Garcia

My hope is that my 9-year old granddaughter will cherish her special memories and feel the presence of her dad’s (my son’s) unconditional love for the rest of her life.

Kenny’s Mom
Kayte Crisler

In Memory of Billy Dehmer

My hope is that no parent has to go through the heartache and shock of losing a child senselessly the way I lost Billy. Billy should be here watching his daughter grow and celebrating with us each new chapter in her life. My son was a beautiful soul who felt and gave so much of himself. he truly had a heart of gold and left an impression on everyone that met him. He was so loved and we miss his laugh and beautiful smile. I miss my every day pictures of his daughter that he sent every day. He was my hero in life. I will keep his memory alive until my last breathe. He was my every day person and my best friend. He is my first thought and my last though of each new day. My heart will never beat the same. Until we meet again, my Billy bop – Love Karen.

Billy’s Mom
Karen Davis

In Memory of Candace Long

My hope is that all parents that have lost a child find comfort in knowing God will guide us through this time and know that we will see our child again. I lost my daughter Candace in 2003 when she was 18. Today would be her 34th birthday. A piece of my heart is forever gone. I miss you baby girl.

Candace’s Mom

In Memory of Ryan C. Anderson

My hope is that you may rest in peace and be free from your addiction, an addiction that caused you so much pain and has now taken you from me. But I know you’re now with your brother, whom you missed so much. My heart will forever hold your special place and love until we meet again. I love you always and forever.

Anne Emerson

In Memory of Anthony William Jude Incardona

A true force of nature with his loud Chicago accented voice and his proud Italian/Irish heritage. Anthony loved his family, helped the less fortunate and gave his time helping others. Sports, history, politics, he knew it all and loved to discuss. His father is a former world champion pool player and Anthony went with him to the tournaments and enhanced each event with his outgoing and happy personality. He adored his sister and was always proud of her, she made him laugh so hard he’d need his asthma inhaler. As his Mom I know how much he loved me and learned to cook the family recipes, help with ancestry and took an interest in whatever I was doing. Most importantly his Catholic faith was everything to him, having taken a CRHP retreat and then helping organize taking food and supplies to the homeless. He is such a blessing to this family and the many friends and less fortunate he helped. In fact some showed up at his wake in his clothes because he had taken them off his back to give them when he saw they had nothing. His life wasn’t perfect, and he struggled with drug use at times. He helped others in their fight against what he knew destroys lives. In the end it was undiagnosed coronary heart disease that took him home. Peacefully and at home, where I found him. My sweet son. How we grieve your loss in our lives, nothing is ever going to be the same. We keep living for you, as you’d want. #livingforAnth

Anthony’s Mom
Shawn Marie Incardona

In Memory of Ryan Dorfman

My hope is that no parent walk this horrible journey! So much of me died when my 23 year old passed away! His huge heart, contagious smile and laugh and fun loving spirit makes it so much harder; he left such a huge void in our families and his friends lives!! As each day passes, it’s that much sooner we will be together again! I think of you every minute, every day. I LOVE and MISS you very much!

Ryan’s Mom
Mandy Dorfman

In Memory of Kyra Noel

My hope is that Kyra Noel is loved and celebrated, today and always. #kyralnoel16

Kyra’s Mom
Carrie Bush

In Memory of Logan James McWhorter

My hope is that someone looking to end their life stumbles across a reason to live. To help someone else that wants to die, so that a mom like myself doesn’t have to live the rest if their life without the life of her child.

Logan’s Mom

In Memory of Ella Reid Hill

My hope for all who walk this road of grief is that they do so with the absolute knowledge that the love and bond we have with our children never dies. My daughter, Ella Reid Hill, passed away 7 years ago at the age of 17 months and 10 days old, from heart failure after brain surgery. She was born with a chromosome disorder, being the only recorded case of the arrangement she had. We didn’t know what to expect when she was born, and she suffered many medical complications throughout her life, but she brought a light and a joy with her into this world that I’ve never experienced before or since. She was absolute pure love, and it’s that love I carry with me daily as I walk this grief journey. You are not alone.

Ella’s Mom
Kie Hill

In Memory of Thomas “Tommy” George Rainey

My hope is that I will see you again Tommy. We love you and miss you. We will never forget the kindness, humor and joy you brought to your family and friends. Save me a place beside you. All my love, Mom

Tommy’s Mom
Nancy Rainey

In Memory of Mia’Lani Elizabeth O’Keefe

My hope is that my darling little granddaughter, Mia’Lani O’Keefe will never be forgotten. Lani was born 14 weeks early, weighing 1 lb. 3 oz. Her life was as little as her, only 5 weeks. In her last hours of life, I gave her all the love that I could. As she took that last breath, I realized it wasn’t enough.

In Memory of Mariah Scott

My hope is that everyone that is grieving the loss of a child finds comfort. My daughter Mariah was murdered 12 years ago when she was 20 months old. It doesn’t get easier with time, we just become numb. Always hold them in your hearts and cherish the memories.

Mariah’s Mom
Kasci Scott

In Memory of Adam Eugene Goodwin

My hope is that I will see my son Adam Eugene Goodwin again at heaven’s gate and we will be united together once again. Adam was a mama’s boy, he and I shared a special bond that can never be broken not even with death. Since God took him to heaven to be with him in November 2015 my heart has been severely broken never to be whole again until I see him again. If I did not have this great hope, I would not be able to continue on living in this terrible world. The road has been unbelievably difficult, but God helps me each and every step of the way. Rest in peace my angel boy in heaven until we meet again. Mama loves and misses you so much…

Adam’s Mom
Gina Wells

In Memory of Peter Levine

I discovered the Compassionate Friends in 1993 when my only child, my son Peter was killed while being driven home by a friend who had been drinking. When he died, I was left suddenly childless, and I lost all hope for even living. My expected future was obliterated and with it, hope for any kind of future ended as well. I felt isolated, alone and incapable of describing the darkness in my soul. I felt I had ended. At my first TCF meeting I discovered that hope still lives. I discovered my sense of loss wasn’t unique – I wasn’t alone. There were others suffering a similar pain and anguish. My feelings were validated and I began to learn the coping skills that have since carried me into a new life – with Peter as the center as I dedicate my time to assuring the future of The Compassionate Friends. My hope is that my compassionate friends and those yet to join us find the same hope in the future that I found. That our children are not forgotten, that we are the stewards of their memory, that as long as we live we can remind the world how important they are still – for it is our children, whether near or far, who have taught us what love is. And there is nothing more important or hopeful than that!

Peter’s Mom
Marie Levine

In Memory of Joshua Michael Dague

My hope is that my Beautiful Son Joshua and ALL our children will NEVER be forgotten. Our story is of the kindest hearted young man taken away from this earth way too soon, and our Hope is to keep his memory alive even after we are gone, through TCF network we can in his honor. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, but THANK YOU TCF.

Joshua’s Mom
Tracy Huey

In Memory of KJ Price

My amazing, loving, son KJ, he was 16 (one month from being 17). KJ had a wonderful personality, a smile on his face, and determination. He had so much love for everyone. We will see him again in Heaven and we carry him in our hearts always. We LOVE KJ.


In Memory of Amy Taylor

My hope is for all of us that has lost a child will get through each day knowing we will see them again. I hope my daughter ,Amy, is happy in heaven with all the other children waiting on us to come to them. Miss and love you Amy.

Amy’s Mom
Rebecca Billits


In Memory of Richard Dean Boes

My hope is that when we see you again, we will have moved forward in our grief and lived our lives as best we could until we see you again. Losing our only child when he was 26 years old turned our lives and our world upside down. Struck down by a drunk driver before he had a chance to really live. He would be 41 yrs old this coming January 26th. How I mourn never getting to meet the man you would have become. How we miss the baby, boy, and man you were. We think of you many times each and every day. We love you son. We will see you again when it’s our time .
Love, mom and dad


In Memory of James Ike Hubbard

My hope is My Hope is that others will turn to God to travel this journey and that God will use me to give others Hope. After losing our only child and son, James Ike Hubbard in August 2014 I truly believed I wouldn’t make it through another day without him nor did I want to. All I ever wanted was for our son to have and live the best life a child could and to know that our Dear Father was with him as he conquered life’s battles. Through the strength and love of God, I know he’s living it now. Never forgotten and tucked away in my heart until we are united together with you!

Pam and Ike Hubbard
Jamie’s Mom and Dad

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13


In Memory of Dustin Johnson

Tonight I will light a candle in memory of my nephew Dustin Johnson. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about you. Our love for you remains along with the memories. One day we will see you again. Love, your aunt Dorie


In Memory of Phillip “Philly” Levato

My hope is that my family and I can one day feel happy again. That we can smile and enjoy all the millions of great memories we hold so dear to our hearts without the tears of grief. In Memory Of Phillip “ Philly” Levato Jr whom was taken tragically from us all November 2016. May his kind heart, bright smile and Fun loving spirit guild us all through the rest of our life journey until We meet again. Not a minute goes by that your not in my thoughts. I miss you terribly my son. A huge part of me died with you. I try each day to get through it for your brother and sisters. I will always honor your name and your life. I love you and always will.
Love Dad

Philly’s Dad
Phil Levato Sr.


In Memory of Joshua Paul Oakley

My Beautiful son, Joshua, was lost to suicide August 2014. Only one month from turning 30 yrs old… My hope is that through perseverance and awareness that someday the stigma associated with suicide and mental illness will cease to exist. I hope I find a way to live again, without my Big Baby Boy. He was an Amazing baby, little boy, man, son, father, grandson, step-son, uncle, nephew, great-nephew, fiancee, and friend. He was just a wonderful person. His eyes ,always full of that magic sparkle that never failed to bring a smile to my face down to my heart. I miss him so, so much. I pray no mom ever has to walk this journey, but it seems to be becoming an epidemic. That brings me deep, deep sadness. He was my everything and will forever be… I love you Joshua Paul Oakley… Momma

Joshua’s Mom
Beth Watkins


In Memory of Joshua Salazar

My hope is that someone struggling with suicide finds a light in the darkness and chooses to stay. When the pain becomes unbearable someone is there to comfort you and reassure you that you are not alone. You are loved. You are worth it. My hope is that you STAY. I wish you would have stayed my sweet son.
Love Momma

Joshua’s Mom
Ivanna Boyd


In Memory of Ryan K. Zarlenga

My hope is to keep Ryan’s memory alive through acts of kindness. Ryan was a shy, kind and gentle 5 years old who died suddenly from encephalitis from an unknown virus. This year he would have celebrated his 30th birthday on December 7th. Life without him felt unimaginable, and yet I am here. Penning the anguish in stories of hope I share my lessons of loss and eventually discover how giving back could actually save me. Scattering kindness to celebrate his birthday each year with pay it forward acts which send a ripple of love throughout our community and beyond as family, friends and complete strangers join this movement of kindness illuminating a path to the love that remains.

Ryan’s Mom
Tina Zarlenga


In Memory of Anton Gress

My hope is that people will wake up and not drive after they have been drinking. My hope is that more action is taken by our governments to prevent drunk driving and that no more lives are lost because of drunk drivers. My beautiful son Anton was only 23 years old, a recent college graduate with all the hope and potential in the world when he was tragically killed by a drunk driver traveling the wrong way on the interstate highway. Anton had the biggest heart and a smile that lit up the room when he entered. He lived his life with passion and great gusto. He loved his family, friends and co-workers and left an indelible print of his love on all of us. My hope is that my grievous pain from losing my beloved son will someday ease and that I can find some joy and hope in living again.

Anton’s Mom
Robin Coale


In Memory of Monica DeBoise

Monica my daughter. Mother of 8 children. She had a heart of gold that touched many people’s life. Her acts of charity have always been an inspiration to me. She loved taking food and cloths to the homeless and less fortunate than us. Her compassion for even people drug addicted and living on the streets, a true inspiration of humanity. Her eldest daughter (my grandchild) serves in the United States Army and Graduated AirBorne School. Monica will always be a true inspiration to help others that are less fortunate than us. Even at the end she was helping others when she passed to go home to Heaven.

Monica’s Dad
Timothy McMurtry


In Memory of Connor Glen Walsh

My hope is that more individuals like my son, Connor will contribute to eye, tissue and organ donation. His legacy lives on the lives and hearts of many others who he benefited. Connor always wanted to be donor as he was an EMT and saw first-hand what it meant to pay it forward and give back. I want to continue the initiative that he so strongly believed in since his life of service was always very apparent. His generous gift of his corneas, heart valves, veins, tissues, ligaments, tendons and bones will restore health to over 50 people and benefit many more through the NJ Sharing Network. My tragedy gave hope to those who needed it most in their darkest moments of despair. Connor touched so many lives in his passing; a gift that will last a lifetime! 12/1993-1/2017 Much love always, Connor’s mom

Connor’s Mom
Alice Gorczycki


In Memory of Sean Dean Flores

My hope is that there will some day be a cure for Type I Diabetes. I lost my only child, my son Sean Dean Flores 1/2011 due to complications from Type I Diabetes. Forever 21 and forever missed. My life forever changed the day my beautiful son died.
Love, Sean’s mom, Cherie

In Memory of Sophia Ann West

My hope is that my daughter Sophia Ann will be remembered and live on through me. Sophia was born prematurely at 23 weeks, weighing 1lb 1oz – 10 1/2in , unfortunately after 9 hours of fighting we choose to remove her from ventilation. My hope is to help others going through this journey of grief so they know they are not alone. I felt extremely alone in my grief for the first 2 years I was looking down a dark tunnel and could not see an end. After my first Compassionate Friends meeting a small spark of light began to appear. I realized everything I was feeling (the bad, the worse, and the ugly) was normal. I hope I can be the one to help bring that little spark to someone else.

Sophia’s mom
Julia West

In Memory of Jacque and Nicole

My hope is that my children are together forever. My son Jacque was just 17yrs when a repeat drunk driver hit his car head on killing him in December 1998. My daughter Nichole had Rett Syndrome she just turned 34 yearrs old and in October 2017 she passed away in my arms. I miss my children and I hope one day I will be able to laugh again.

Jacque’s and Nicole’s Mom

In Memory of Jake Ulrich

My hope is that our angels above are no longer suffering and watch over us everyday. This is for you Jake Ulrich 9/14/16 – forever 36. Love and Miss you sweet Son

Jake’s Mom
LuAnne Milano

In Memory of Tony Rambis

My hope is that you will grow the strength needed to carry the burden of grief. I never thought I would ever hope again after Tony drowned. As time passed and I became better at carrying my grief. I became hopeful that I would continue to grow stronger, that the burden of grief would lessen, and that I would be able to live my life in a manner that would help others and make Tony proud.

Tony’s Mom
Debbie Rambis
Executive Director, The Compassionate Friends

In Memory of Nina Westmoreland

My daughter Nina was one of the most optimistic and hopeful people you would ever have the good fortune to know. She found the good in people, and was known for her upbeat disposition and ever ready smile that lit up a room. Though impossible to think of anything hopeful after her devastating death to a drunk driver, over the years I eventually found renewed meaning in life through my involvement in and friendships made through TCF Chapter meetings and the annual national conferences. And I share the message that there is hope ahead with as many bereaved as I can. I feel Nina right by my side in all I do in that regard; she had so much to give that it saddens me she didn’t have more time to share her love and light with this world that so desperately needs it now. Our love is forever, Nina!

Nina’s Mom
Cathy Seehuetter
Director of Online Services, The Compassionate Friends

In Memory of Chris Seehuetter

Chris was a St. Paul Police officer; he wanted to be one since he was four years old and never wavered from that dream. The day he got his badge was probably the happiest day of his life. After his stepsister Nina was killed by a drunk driver, his goal was to get the drunk drivers off the road so that no one else would suffer the pain that our family felt after her death. He always showed the drunk driver her picture hoping that, somewhat naively, they would think twice about drinking and driving. I think of his strong hope to make the world a better place, and that fuels me to do what I can to bring hope to our TCF bereaved families. Sadly, he took his own life five years ago due to PTSD as an undercover policeman. Miss you, Chris. And may we never lose hope!

Chris’ Stepmom
Cathy Seehuetter
Director of Online Services, The Compassionate Friends

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