How Can I Help … When a Child Dies?

A child has died. As a person wishing to give support, regardless of the child’s age or the circumstances of their death, you may feel helpless or inadequate and not know what to say or do. You may wonder how you can help ease the pain and mend the hurt.

What Can You Do to Help?
There are no easy answers, no standard approaches that are universally helpful. There are no magic formulas that will make the pain go away. It is natural to feel helpless when the child, sibling or grandchild of a friend or relative dies. Remember that showing your loving concern can be very comforting to a grieving family. Please don’t avoid them because you feel inadequate.

Grieving families who receive continuing support and understanding are better able to cope with their grief and loss. The following suggestions may help you provide that support:

On behalf of all families involved in The Compassionate Friends, we thank you for caring enough to want to help. Your loving concern makes YOU a compassionate friend.

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in loving memory of their children, grandchildren and siblings

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