Finding a Little Peace on a Summer Night

Cathy Seehuetter

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  • Inner peace that is what i grieve for me. Im only on my journey since march 27 2019. My son Richard 43 died if cancer. I worked most of my life toward this goal peace. Thinking i had chested life somehow after being so grateful in those moments in my life. I keep saying if at some point i can come to some resembles of this i would be grateful and acept life is a gift and nothing should be yaken for granted. If ay some point i really could hold still my pain just for a moment to feel inner peace. I guess i will have to go thru accepting and im not any where near there. But thank you for offering me hope. Our angels would want tjis for us. God bless and enjoy your still of the night.

  • Just lovely my friend! I love the memory of John & I taking Kellie & Mitchell to Central Park in Roseville. We would eat like pigs and then lay on a blanket together and be mystified at the fireworks. Thanks for waking up that memory for me. Love You my Friend!

  • Wow!! Such a touching and heartfelt piece…I’ll keep it handy to re-read time and again when I need to be reminded of the special time I can have with my Angel Son, ADAM, if I just give in to taking in the world around me…..and it’s free…..a free gift from God……every Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter night…..
    Thank you Cathy……my broken heart reaches out to your broken heart….

  • My only child, my precious son Kyle committed suicide June 4, 2019. He leaves behind a eight year old daughter( she is his mini me, who now lives several states away. She just went home to her mothers a week ago. I keep encouraging her mother to get her into counseling and a children’s grief support group in MO.. Now we are faced with our own overwhelming loneliness and longing for our son. This sorrow is like no other loss. I am looking to find a group in my area of Michigan that meets if it helps. Thank you for posting

    • Dear Patty, I am so sorry for the sad loss of your son so very recently. I too lost a son to suicide seven years ago on June 2nd and my heart truly goes out to you. If you give me your zip code I would gladly look to see if there is a chapter meeting in your area. There are many good chapters in Michigan, some very wonderful friends go to some of those chapters. When my daughter died 24 years ago, I began going to a Compassionate Friends meeting in St. Paul one month after her death. I believe that meeting others who also lost a child and connecting with them and finding hope again was the reason I am still upright. Please let me know your zip code and I hope to find a chapter for you too. In compassionate friendship, Cathy

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