The Keepers of Memories

You make friends because you have things in common. 
We are friends because of our children. 
The older ones, the younger ones,
the ones who never even had a chance to breathe.

They are our reason for being. 
Our heartbeat, our life’s blood. 
Whether we have lots of memories or only a few, 
we are joined by an unbreakable bond. 

We are the ones left behind, to remember 
and carry the torch for those we remember so lovingly. 
We are there for ourselves and each other. 
Because we understand the pain of loss. 

We must also be there for those 
who unfortunately join our ranks.
Because we are the parents of lost children, 
the bruised hearts, 
the keepers of memories. 

—Cheryl Pelletier TCF, Concord, NH 

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Comments (5)

  • This poem is heartfelt and full of grace. Thank you for a gift and reminder to continue to be there and bless the “new” ones who need someone who know what they are facing. May we each share our own stories and let others know we too share their and their loved ones story. Blessings.

  • Very beautifully written and truly descriptive of our lives, and we must be there to reach out and help others as I know, that I am so appreciative of those who were there when I needed them to learn how to do more than survive the death of our son, but to learn to LIVE again too! I am so thankful to Martha Bittle Clark who originally started the chapter in Charlotte, NC and who, personally, became a very dear friend of mine, Her book, Are You Weeping With Me God?, was a favorite of mine.

  • Thank you for your beautiful words. They soothe my broken heart.
    May I take a screenshot and share with my friends who have lost their child/children?
    Thank you again.
    Priscilla King
    Donny’s Mom

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful poem Cheryl.. You have a gift of expressing universal feelings of grief and the need to comfort others. God Bless You!

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