The Gift of Someone Who Listens

Those of us who have traveled a while
Along this path called grief
Need to stop and remember that mile,
That first mile of no relief.

It wasn’t the person with answers
Who told us of ways to deal.
It wasn’t the one who talked and talked
That helped us start to heal.

Think of the friends who quietly sat
And held our hands in theirs.
The ones who let us talk and talk
And hugged away our tears.

We need to always remember
That more than the words we speak,
It’s the gift of someone who listens
That most of us desperately seek.

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Comments (13)

  • Beautiful Poem and so very true! I lost a son and a daughter at different times. My son was 6 years old and my daughter was 16 years old. My son died in a truck, bicycle accident on Nov. 15, 1962 and my daughter in a head on collision on Jan. 26, 1980. The Compassionate Friends helped me for many years and to give back, I hope I helped others. Time has helped but many times something will happen and it will take me back to my tragedies. I am now 87 years old and still yearn to give them another hug and a kiss on their cheek. Thank you Compassionate Friends for helping me through the most tragic events in my life.

  • It was ok
    the person that thought they had answers
    or the person that talked and talked
    or the person that listened
    or the person that said stupid things

    Because they were there and even if they didn’t have the proper words or knew what to do – they were there and they cared and wanted to help.

  • Nancy, Thank you for your beautiful words. May we all be surrounded by people willing to listen and hold us in their prayers.

  • Thank you so much for “The Gift of Someone Who Listens.” What a beautiful way to help someone deal with the heartbreak of grieving the loss of a loved one.

  • My son died at age 60 in September. I struggle every day to have some lighter feelings, but most days depression rules.

  • Beautiful poem, Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing. My son Jim passed of cancer 16 years ago and I still miss him so much.

    However, TCF’s helped me to work through my grief and go on living my life. God bless you and yours for your sharing.

    Love and prayers,
    Mary, Jimmy’s Mom

  • Thank you for this Nancy. It goes right to the heart of the matter. What I need most is for you to just stand next tom. Hold my hand. Cry with me. Don’t try to fix me. Just be there. How I wish others understood how important this is.

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