~ Tiffanie Amber Collins ~

Tiffanie Amber Collins died of bacterial meningitis thirteen days shy of her twentieth birthday. She was a proud student at Clemson University, studying to become an occupational therapist, and very active in her beloved Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She was committed to doing what she could to combat multiple sclerosis, and participated in a fundraising walk to combat the disease, just a few weeks prior to her death. Tiffanie enjoyed modeling, and was a licensed aerobics instructor. In high school, Tiffanie was a member of the Precisionettes, our local W.T. Woodson High School’s national award winning dance team. She was selected as a member of an international dance team and later traveled to Paris, France to perform with this elite dance troupe.

Tiffanie was a caring young woman with strong religious faith who cherished her family and friends, and adored her cats. She loved to laugh, learn, talk on the telephone, and receive letters from home. Tiffanie also had her favorites: Movies: Grease and Forest Gump, TV Show: Saved by the Bell, Restaurants: Olive Garden, Food: Maryland blue crabs with vinegar, hominy, buttercreams, Favorite Color: Green, Music: Mariah Carey, Songs: Vision of Love and Wonderful Tonight, Books: Romance Novels, Vacations: definitely any beach, Clothes: formal dresses, bikinis, boots and aerobics outfits, Automobiles: her teal colored Saturn, and Activities: dancing, aerobics, modeling, sunbathing, and of course, shopping. She also enjoyed interacting with elderly people, and planned to do that as an occupational therapist. She embraced the challenges of life and lived every minute she was given to the fullest.

If Tiffanie could send a message, she would encourage all college students and their families to consult with their family doctors about precautions available to reduce the alarming risk of bacterial meningitis in college dormitory environments. She would also thank The Compassionate Friends for rescuing her devastated family, as they struggled with grief and hopelessness after her death.

The Collins family is honored to participate in the Sponsor the TCF National Office program in Tiffanie’s honor. Each week, TCF national office staff compassionately interacts with grief stricken family members, who are struggling with an agonizing pain our family will never forget. These dedicated employees genuinely care, as they strive to patiently assist each caller. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they can successfully connect a grieving family to the closest TCF chapter available to comfort them. The TCF national office staff also interacts with families through the TCF website and Facebook page.

Tiffanie’s death taught our family that we have absolutely no control over what happens in life. Tragedy can strike without warning, any family, anywhere, any time. Since Tiffanie’s death, the national TCF office staff has taught us that despite our pain, “we need not walk alone.” We are honored to give them our support.

Sponsored by the Collins Family

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