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Well, it is that time of year again. Nobody needs to tell me what season it is, I can just feel it. There is something in the air, a kind of excitement in my bones, a magical optimism about all that is coming soon. You know what I am talking about … It is the season where final planning takes place for our TCF National Conference!

Surely you didn’t assume that something as mundane as springtime and flowers could overshadow an event as life changing, inspirational and awe inspiring as our conference … did you? If you have never attended our national conference you have missed out on the biggest love fest in the world honoring our children, grandchildren and siblings who we miss so much.

From the moment you walk in the door you feel a sense of validation and acceptance which literally blows your mind. It isn’t a somber gathering; it is a celebration of everything beautiful and wonderful about the lives of those we love who have died. A TCF national conference is a healing oasis for those weary in grief, those new to the journey, and for all who just love the environment where you do not feel alone. Your pain is my pain, your tears are my tears, your laughter is my laughter, your story is a story that everyone you meet will want to hear.

I could give you details about the incredible selection of workshops, sharing sessions and special programs. I could go on and on about the thousands of hours and months of planning that have gone into making sure that you can bathe in the warmth of compassion while creating art, hearing amazing and inspiring speakers, attend a yoga class, listen to healing music or sit quietly in our reflection room.

The only detail that I hope you take away from this column today is that attending a national conference is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself in your grief journey. There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere on earth. Trust me … when I walked through the doors of my first conference in 2003 I was hesitant about what to expect. By the time Sunday came I did not want to leave … it changed my life for the better in so many ways.

Please visit our website for the details. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando, Florida July 28-30th. You have my word, you will be glad you came.

Thanks for the honor of allowing me to serve as your Executive Director,


P.S. For those who serve in any position of TCF leadership or want to serve, don’t miss our full-day Chapter Leadership Day and Awards and Appreciation Lunch Banquet on July 27th.

Alan Pedersen

Alan Pedersen
877-969-0010 ext. 308

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