Do any of you believe in signs or messages from your deceased child? I do, and it helps me with the grieving process and to overcome tough days, like her birthday.

Every time I see a penny that shouldn’t be there or wasn’t there the last time I looked, I think of it as the presence of Samantha. I could be having any type of day – good, bad, indifferent – and when I see a misplaced penny, I instantly sense a presence of her and say to myself “Samantha is thinking of me”. I know this might sound crazy, but it makes me feel happy to believe that she’s thinking of her dad and wants to let me know that.

The most impactful penny sighting happened on Samantha’s birthday – April 25, 2018. My birthday is on April 27th. Samantha would have been 14 in 2019. (She died in 2006 at the age of 17 months.) I was walking into work, and feeling absolutely horrible. Her birthday and death day are terrible triggers for me, and I was depressed and feeling a very heavy sense of grief that day. As I approached my desk, I saw a penny on my chair. In my 17 years of working at my company, I’ve never seen a penny on my chair, so this sighting was completely unexpected and a total shock. It wasn’t there last night when I left work for the day. I asked around and nobody claimed putting the penny there. I immediately called my wife and said “You’re not going to believe what’s on my chair! A penny and it wasn’t there when I left work last night.” She said “What date is on the penny?” I picked it up, looked closely at the date, and couldn’t believe my eyes that the date was 2006, the year she died.

I knew Samantha was thinking of me and telling me that she was OK and that I should not be sad. I instantly went from deep longing and sadness to euphoric. It was the best birthday present I’ve received in the 13 years since Samantha has passed away.

We all know that the grieving process is unique and personal. Some might believe in signs. Others may not. The bottom line is that if it’s signs or looking at photos or visiting the grave site that gives you moments of happiness, then embrace it. I did and it’s turned some pretty painful days into a positive.


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  • So sorry for the loss of your precious, Samantha. I have moments like this all of the time from my son, Isaiah. He passed on Feb. 2 this year in a tragic accident at a birthday party. He was 11 years old. The people closest to me believe me when I tell them because they know me and also they have witnessed some of the signs too. It is miraculous and immediately helps turn some of the most hopeless feelings into something so connected and beautiful. They are precious moments and I cherish every one. I have found pennies in places with no reason of being there. For weeks, I found one feather by the trash cart every time I took it back up to the house from street. Which was his chore. I have seen angel clouds suddenly appear out of nowhere. I have also had videos sent to my phone with pictures compiled of our favorite memories. It’s reassuring and comforting to know they are watching over us and sending us “love signs” to know they are near and love and miss us like we love and miss them. One day we will be reunited and what a day it will be! God Bless

  • I too get signs all of the time.from my daughter who passed away at age 9,she comes to me in dreams. But one day while I was waiting in the doctors’s office, there was this little deaf girl(my daughter was deaf)she was sitting with her mom pointing to the pictures in a magazine and her mother just smiled and nodded. I could see that her mom couldn’t sign to her and just then I felt a chill come over me and a message came into my mind;”sign to her”. I felt it was my daughter telling me that and so I did from across the waiting room.She smiled and signed back.Her mother smiled back also.i started asking questions about her daughter and signed at the same time signed what I said so the daughter could be included in the conversation.The lady explained that she didn’t speak English so I talked to her in Spanish .only my daughter knew that I spoke all three languages, she new that I could help them and I did. This lady was inspired by my ability to communicate with her daughter and asked where she could go to learn sign language. They were called into the doctor and so was I.the nurse then came to get me from the examining room and said “there is a little girl who wants to see you but she can’t talk.”
    I went into the hallway where she ran up and gave me a hug and signed “I love you”, then said good bye as she left smiling at me. She must’ve been about 9 years old.that whole day I was on cloud nine.Thank you Becky(my daughter’s name), I said looking up to the heavens.

  • I certainly believe in signs. My son died in 2009 and my husband just 2 months ago. I am always finding feathers that I know are signs from my son and now my husband too. I also experience lady bugs or butterflies landing on me or near me. It’s very comforting.

  • Samantha,Isaiah,Becky,our losses but also our life long gifts that keep giving.For me I feel that I have a special gift, The losses of two of my children, my other child Freddy, who was kidnapped at age 14.and also passed on.I keep on meeting people who are hungry to talk to someone who understands about their loss and when I engage in conversation with them we are both blessed.
    I wish I can hold my children again, talk to them, give them a birthday gift and all of the other things we did,but I know that will never happen so talking to others with losses of their own is now my new life and I embrace it because THIS IS REALITY for me and it helps me get through my life. Sure I hurt inside but these moments are what I live for.

    • Thank you for your beautiful story Fred. I am so sorry for the loss of two of your children. It does become our purpose, doesn’t it? It’s our new reality, not a “new normal”, but a new chapter in our life, that allows us to parent our children that are in Heaven by sharing our stories and our grieving hearts with each other.

  • Jonathan thank you for sharing your story! It touched my heart!! I find Pennies from Heaven from my Daughter Elizabeth almost every day I venture out! As you I truly believe she is letting me know she is near! Bless you and yours!

  • I receive signs from my daughter Jennifer💜It is the best feeling you can have after losing your child. Jen died at the age of 9 yrs old from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Whenever I am having a bad day, missing my daughter I end up seeing her Birthday while driving on other cars. Her Birthday is April 12❤️ Also dragonflies come around and sometimes have stayed on my car’s antenna for an afternoon. I know that your daughter Samantha is sending you signs and love so you know she is with you. I love Compassionate Friends. They helped me so much for 3 years after Jen went to Heaven. Thinking of your daughter gone too soon❤️

  • I get dimes. My son died in his 30’s after fighting melanoma. He left a wife, a 4yo daughter and 2yo son. For years, I have found dimes. His children and my friends will find dimes in odd places. We went on a RV trip with our family a few years after he died, and my grand daughter had brought some money for souvenirs. She dropped her change purse and it was completely filled with dimes. Her mom asked her why she didn’t bring her quarters. She said she tried to do that, but, as hard as she looked, she could only find dimes.

    • Thanks for sharing your amazing story about dimes from your daughter, Lynn. I am sure you could relate to this man’s story!

  • This hits home, HARD!! When I get them I just don’t know what to do. My heart is still so broken that I cant even/don’t want to cry. I feel as if I did, I would be an absolutely unconsumable mess. I don’t cry at ANYTHING. If I start, its shut down, just like when I read articles like this. I need help, badly, but I cant communicate my feelings of anguish and sorrow and anger to anyone. My wife (not his mom but nonetheless), I feel bad for her. My heart is practically shut down to any feelings. My daughter recently was married, beautiful ceremony, she was an absolutely stunning bride….not a drop. WTH !! This is actually the first time I have communicated any of this……its been ten years, he was 6.

    • Dear Tim, Thank you so much for opening up to us. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved little son. As a bereaved parent myself, my heart goes out to you. We would be happy to send you information about Chapter meetings of The Compassionate Friends that may be in your area (they are led by other bereaved parents, siblings or grandparents – it is a peer-to-peer group). I would need your zip code to see what is in your area. We also have information on our online resources. We can send you a bereavement packet with all of these things and more, such as brochures and articles. We are here to help. Please let me know if we can get this information to you. In compassionate friendship, Cathy

    • Tim,
      I am so sorry for your loss. There is a safe home for your heart with the compassionate friends. You should never feel like you have to shut down your emotions and hold back your grief. There is no judgement among grieving parents, we just know. We know the pain. I hope you accept the help from Cathy below and find a chapter. It will help.

  • I loved the penny on the chair sign! Thank you for sharing. We bereaved parents need signs because they comfort us, they help us to survive our painful losses. I have had several important signs and synchronicitiers. For example, I have been running a group for bereaved mothers for over ten years. We have twenty active moms who come. I also run a private group on FB called “Mothers Finding Meaning Again” and there are 172 of us there. For the first group that meets in person? The exact shared birthdays of our children, the moms, the on-going signs, well, what can I say? There have been so many. It helps us to stay sane when we hear one another’s stories and to keep our on-going communication with our children, our angels, our hearts.

    Peace be with you all.

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