Only December

Feelings heavy,
tears and tears.
Will the darkness last?
Or is it-only December?

Hadn’t past months
brought peace and hope?
Where is the strength of October-
and November?

Lights, carols, ornaments on trees,
cards from friends,
happy times in seasons past.
We remember.
We remember.

Will January bring light at last?
Will we be stronger then,
for making it through
this December?

When people ask
how I’m doing,
I say, “Well, you know,
it’s December…”

from Stars in the Deepest Night – after the death of a child
By Genesse Bourdeau Gentry

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Comments (5)

  • Beautiful – every word is true, especially because I lost him on a Thanksgiving.

  • Yes my heart is broken and lots of sadness, I miss my sweet daughter Tammy .
    God Bless!!!

  • So true!! Its been dark, cold and wet here in Texas…just like I feel every year starting in November and going thru whenever…its been five years, but feels like it just happened. He was a grown man at 33, but he was my baby, my only one. I miss you, Ian. YFM

  • My heart is broken, I lost my daughter Deanna, June 25 2010. I miss her so much. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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