On Seeing Many Orange-Colored Butterflies in September

Time between summer and winter,

Time under changing skies –

Muted and heavy with foresight,

Or endless blue, smiling at butterflies.

Time between summer and winter,

Time between laughter and tears –

Harvest of beauty remembered,

And voices (where are you?) to hear.

Time between summer and winter,

Thoughtful and painful and wise –

Muted and heavy with losing,

But also – smiling at butterflies.

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Comments (6)

  • I lost my son and only child Brian to suicide 6 years ago. The pain is still so very intense at times. His favorite color was orange. Whenever I see an orange butterfly it makes me smile and think of him and I would like to believe that it is his way of showing me he is still and always will be with me.

  • My only child, Rastamon, transitioned on January 18, 2016 at age 39 from liver cancer. Whenever I hear wind chimes, a train whistle, see a red Cardinal, a smiley face and so many other signs, I believe he is saying hi Mom, I’m doing fine and feeling so much better in the arms of Jesus and the hands of God. He has total victory and is always with me.

  • My daughter loved butterflies & dragonflies. Every time I see one, I talk to it. Sometimes it will hang around for long conversations but in end still have to say goodbye.

  • I lost my son, Bob, age 19, from injuries in a car accident in 2003. I lost my daughter, Julie, to miscarriage in 1986. I lost my daughter, Amanda, in 1994, due to a stillbirth.
    Monarch butterflies remind me of Bob. White moths remind me of Julie and Amanda.

  • My only son Andrew, forever 22, died in Ireland during the summer of 2017. And yet, Monarch butterflies appear each autumn, and invite me to smile.

    “Time between summer and winter,

    Time between laughter and tears –

    Harvest of beauty remembered,

    And voices (where are you?) to hear.”

    These lines resonate so deeply. Thank you, Sascha Wagner, for reminding me that just today, I was smiling at Monarch butterflies.

  • My son, Craig, knew I love hummingbirds. He passed March 7th, 2021. He’s been hanging out in the garden and coming up to the deck when I have my morning coffee. He waits and watches me until I say “good morning, Craig” and then he leaves. I already miss him as the coming of Fall started the migration to the south….

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