November Again

Leaves are turning the shades of autumn.
Then falling, one by one, to the misted
ground below.
Summer flowers have faded and died.
The sun hides behind dark and dreary
It is November again.

Was it long ago that this month
brought warm thoughts of
The smell of wood burning, walks in the
nippy air.
This is the month you left us.
And all the warm glow of November
went with you.
All that remains are the
Planted in a special memorial garden
for you
Ready to burst into beautiful shades of
yellow and orange.
They symbolize one more year
without you.
But our love has not diminished.

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Comments (11)

  • This is such a perfect description of how I feel about November as well. My Patrick died from a sudden heart attack on November 29, 2015 and year three is coming to a close. Being from Michigan this is what I relate to but living in Arizona we don’t have the same type of weather in November and I truly miss it. I wish you peace this November and during all the days to come. ❤️
    Patrick’s mom, forever 36

  • This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My son Rob was born in Nov. 1967 and I lost him Sept 1988. He loved fall and cooler weather…. I agree with heart felt words. Thank you . Ruth

  • Our first Thanksgiving without him. Was always a special time for all the family. Will have an empty chair this year. Post similar for February please. That will be especially hard for my family.

  • I am still struggling with the loss of my only son,in Jan 2017 is the sunflower group still meeting the first Thursday of each month
    Thinking about coming back

  • In loving memory of our daughter Sarah Jean Peterson 6/6/78-11/30/2014
    Her memorial garden has been a sanctuary for our whole family for the past 4 years..

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