November Again

November Again

Leaves are turning the shades of autumn.

Then falling, one by one, to the misted

ground below.

Summer flowers have faded and died.

The sun hides behind dark and dreary


It is November again.


Was it long ago that this month

brought warm thoughts of


The smell of wood burning, walks in the

nippy air.

This is the month you left us.

And all the warm glow of November

went with you.

All that remains are the


Planted in a special memorial garden

for you

Ready to burst into beautiful shades of

yellow and orange.

They symbolize one more year

without you.

But our love has not diminished.


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  • Our kids planted a ginko tree in our front yard in memory of our youngest son, Andy, whom we lost in 2014. He and his brother used to play in the ginko trees at our old house when they were young. Today, even before they turned yellow, all the leaves fell off, without warning, just like when Andy left us five years ago., without warning. I always look forward to photographing his tree with its yellow leaves, which always turned before they would fall. Just another sign how life doesn’t always go how it should or how we think it should. Still miss him every day…

  • It will be 4 years on the 29th that my Patrick left this world the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Who would have thought that a perfectly healthy 36 year old man would die from a sudden heart attack? I miss my boy and all that he was and would have become. πŸ’™β˜˜οΈπŸ’›βšΎοΈ

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