Love and Hope

On a cold winter day, the sun went out,

Grief walked in to stay.

I turned away from the unwanted guest

And bid him be on his way.

Grief was merciless, he brought his friends,

Loneliness, Fear and Despair.

They walk these rooms, unceasingly,

In the somber cloaks they wear.

Every so often now, Love pays a call

She always has Hope by her side.

I welcome Love as well as Hope,

For I thought surely they had died.

Love counsels Grief in a most gentle way,

Bids him be still for awhile.

Then Love walks with me through memory’s hall,

And for a time I can smile.


In loving memory of her son Michael

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Comments (19)

  • Dear Kerry,
    Thank you so very much for your amazing poem. It went straight to my heart because you captured that pain and grief we all live with every day,
    and yet, are so ever grateful with the Love we’ll always remember for our child.

  • My precious only daughter Dana died after a four year battle with brain cancer.
    Dana’s children are twin boys now 22, they were 10 years when Dr said he could possibly give her four years to live and that is exactly what happened. This was a few years ago I’ll tell you I lost her yesterday I lost my only Child.
    Any further information I cannot share. The terrible, horrid
    Treatments she went through- she fought until….
    My girl left too soon at 33 years old how I miss her…..

  • Omg how beautiful…my daughter would be 52 on March 2nd…so tragic…I hold onto her every day and try to keep my sanity.

  • I just love this.
    My daughter, Jamie, died on a snowy day on February 25, 1999 at age 19.
    Thank you for these words, they are beautiful and inspiring.

  • So true Then Love walks with me through memory’s hall,

    And for a time I can smile. may i share your words?

  • Such a beautiful poem and so true. My son died 29 years ago at age 29. He’s been gone as long as he lived, and I still miss him every day. Thank goodness for love and hope.

  • Wow… this is so awesome. I have so many times of thinking how he died in an alley all alone. Keeps me awake at night. and i worry so about my son – his dad – his brother – my other grandson.
    Where did we go wrong? What did we miss? How could we have helped him? Forever/23… Such a handsome young man,,, loved so much.
    We just have to go on without him…. will LOVE him forever!!

  • The images in your poem are so lovely, and your language is so classical, Kerry! I also wrote poetry ( as I always have when I have a deeply emotional response to anything) when my beloved son Ben died suddenly in 2013. It was the only way I could cope with such deep emotions.

  • I love this poem. It fits. I have been mourning my son Keegan for 11 years. The sadness I still have. Keegan was a people person. Everyone loved him. He had friends all over the world. He was amazing person. 143 Keegan. Compassionate Friends helped me so much. I didn’t think I was going to make it through this loss. I miss him every single day. I try to help people who have lost a child. My heart was cold and with CF I found a warm heart again. Thank you for sending this to me.

  • This touched my soul. I lost my kind and gentle son Elijah “Eli” as he liked to be called by his friends to suicide at the age of 23. On March 9th it will be 4 years since he has been gone. The pain and grief are my constant companions in this journey that only a mother can understand. I will love and miss my precious son until my last breath. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.

  • Your poem hit me like a ton of bricks because, the son, I lost, was also named, Michael! My Michael has been gone, since 2008, Last year, I lost six friends and, so far this year, I’ve lost three more friends. With this new variant of the Covid-19 Virus, I’ve been hibernating again, staying inside the house, except for bowling, twice a week, in a nearly empty building and, doing exercise, in an empty swimming pool. So, I’ve been dealing with some depression, since my third friend died this year. I hope that things are going better, for you, than they have been for me, lately. How long has it been since you lost your Michael?

  • Kerry, thank you for your beautiful poem of Love and Hope. I lost my precious 5 month old grandson on January 15, 2000. I think of him everyday.
    In loving memory of Robby.

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