How Has Music Helped You Heal?

Nathan Peterson shares how music has helped him cope with his grief. and make a positive impact on the world. Hear Nathan share one of his beautifully written, heartfelt songs of comfort and why supporting
The Compassionate Friends matters to him.

Nathan supports The Compassionate Friends because of the difference TCF made in his and his family’s life. Please join Nathan in giving a gift to support all our grieving families during this season when our grief can feel extra painful.


How has music helped you with your grief? Please share in the comments below how music has helped you to cope and heal.

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  • My daughter’s friends put together a CD that had music they remembered her by. ‘Brown eyed Girl” is one of the songs. ‘When I Get Where I’m Going” is another song that came out the same year she passed away. ‘Who You’d Be Today” is another one that is totally her. Whenever we are on a trip it’s amazing how many songs come on the radio that remind us that she is with us.


    I wrote this one after a friend called me an Angel Mom after my daughter died of covid 8/10/21. My granddaughter and I sing and play it all the time. It makes us happy . So the song went to Nashville for production and at the end you can hear my grandkids whisper…Hey Mom, Love you.
    I wrote other songs on my you tube channel but this one is not on you tube. We prefer our version to the Nashville one! Lol

  • I have found that one piece of music that really helps me feel my grief emotions and cope with them is the Grande Pas de Deux from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. I didn’t understand why until I read recently that he composed this 5 min. piece after learning while in Europe that his beloved sister had passed away suddenly. He composed a sublime dance for this ballet that exudes his own grief and connects to anyone else who has suffered similar loss.
    Here are two links to wonderful performances, by Russian orchestras:

  • I am a singer and play mountain dulcimer. Playing and singing was hard at first after I lost my son Casimir in 2019. But I eventually wanted to play, and particularly found and played songs that made me think of my son. I am always surprised when a song comes to my attention that feels meaningful. For the past few years I have sung one of these songs at our local TCF Candle Lighting.
    The other VERY healing thing I did was to pick up a new instrument–the hammered dulcimer–when I focus on practicing it is like a meditation for me. It is the one time when all sadness and care falls away, time and place disappear, and I am at peace.

  • My son Philip Mathieu was not only a loving son but an accomplished musician. He was a classical guitarist and performed in many musical orchestras in our local community. For example. The Kennedy center in Washington DC. Oklahoma the musical and many others. He has recorded many cds and my favorite at this time of year is “Simple Gifts” by Philip Mathieu. Christmas music and very comforting to me as I listen during the holidays. If interested you can Google his name Philip Mathieu or Phil Mathieu to view his many CDs etc.

  • First allow me to send my heartfelt sympathy to Nathan. My daughter Jessica at 18 1/2 months old died in 1979. I found TCF and became a member,
    finding a life line. During several meetings in the early years of TCF I really had difficulty with a father that just could not understand my grief of such
    a young child. He believed the love for his 16 yr old son was much greater than how much love I could have for just an 18 month old.
    What it seemed he could not grasp was loss is loss and you can not MEASURE such. Sure he had many more mmories and I was cheated out of said memories.
    That being said, time and TCF’s education of grief work has worked wonders.
    Music has always been part of my soul. I am a choir alumni of my high school choir’s Advanced Choir, Women’s Chorus and church choir.
    As an alumni of our hs choir we would go back to sing with the current choir The Messiah, took we about 20 years but I went back as a tribute to my late daughters Jessica and Amanda which the latter died in May of 2003 at the age of 23.
    I listen for support and inspiration to continue to place one foot in front of the other and to reflect on the music that both daughters enjoyed.
    One of the songs played at Amanda’s celebration of life from The Rascal Flatts was “Moving On” and “You Have a Friend In Me” from Toy Story.

  • music to all on Christmas Eve. Remembered all the players and their song and dance , language and instruments I figured out by my Dad and other
    Ñ. I’m 60 born in ’62
    Music and instruments.Its a different world as is translating language.the anticipation brings them back
    There are differences in feelings. A way to release and relax. Learn about ourselves and beauty as it changes. Learning of names and the fortune offered in our spirit

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