Graduation Time 

It’s almost June and graduation time again. Your child would have been among those wearing the cap and gown, walking down the aisle to the ever stirring “Pomp and Circumstance”. Now there is a vacant spot in the line. Should you attend? Can you stand the pain? Will people think you are strange?

As always you must follow your heart. So, go if you’d like to and don’t hide your tears. It’s quite all right to miss your own child while celebrating the achievements of others.

Just remember: That your instincts are the most important ones; that no one else can make this decision for you, and that it doesn’t really matter what other people think.

It was your child who died. This is your pain and you have the right to feel it and deal with it in your own way – and may a bit more healing take place in the doing.
Peggy Gibson, TCF Nashville Chapter

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