Easter and Passover


The Easter and Passover seasons are upon us. They are special family times that make it more obvious that one is missing. Some parents are struggling with what they believe. The pretty dresses and hats don’t seem to matter as much as they did. There are more important things on our minds now. We are facing the renewal of life all around us – and yet the missing child’s life is not renewable.  We hurt because life is going on and his or hers is not. These are normal reactions for some when grief is fresh, for the changing of seasons is a poignant time for many.

Those of us who have had the necessary time, wish to convey to those who have not that it won’t always be this painful. When your grief softens (and it will), so will many of the hurtful responses.  If you can, get out in the sunshine, go for a walk, smell the fragrance of the flowers and allow the warmth and beauty of the season to permeate your being. It just may make your day a little lighter.

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