Create a Memory Garden

The physical activity of working and tending to a garden can give comfort and quiet time to remember the special memories that you once shared. Creating a memory garden will help you feel closer to those you lost and create a tribute to the one you loved for the rest of his/her friends and family members to heal. To begin a memory garden, find a private place or choose a location that has meaning. Remember to plant from your heart. Choose plants that evoke memory, fond regards and celebration of life.

Things to Consider When Creating Your Garden:

  • Start simple. Plant a few things each year.
  • Plant their favorite flowers or choose flowers that you loved or has special significance and plant those.
  • Plant during their favorite season and choose flowers, plants or trees that are in season at that time. For example, if they loved spring, plant bulbs.
  • Plant the flower of their birth month, namesake plants, or plants that represent their initials. Select flowers in colors that he/she loved.
  • Choose flowers with their favorite fragrances or certain scents they loved. For example, if they loved the smell of lavender, include a lavender plant in the garden.
  • Select flowers and plants with special meanings. For example, pink carnations mean “I’ll never forget you” and yellow roses represent friendship. Roses have names that might describe your loved one.
  • Include statues and remembrance gifts throughout the garden. If they loved dogs, include a small statue of their favorite breed.
  • Add a small plaque describing what is in the garden and its significance, or simply put their favorite phrase or poem.
  • If possible, try and include a bench in the area. This way, friends and family have a place to sit and reflect on special times that were shared.
  • Your memory garden project can involve the whole family. Not only could the best “memory flowers” be chosen, but once in bloom, flowers could be pressed as mementos for the family album or scrapbook.


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